Should trump have 2 years added to his term?

So tell me what I have advocated for ANYONE that ignored the Constitution?

It IS funny…that you seem to think that a so-called president can extend his term in office like that.

Exactly. Otherwise we might get Hillary or Joe Biden or AOC.

The Constitution is not a suicide pact.

No. Absolutely not.

It’s funny that libs pretending to care about Constitution.


It’s funny that in a thread where the so-called president and one of his worshippers bring up illegally extending his “term”, you want to blame libs for not caring about the Constitution…projection is your thing?


A patently retarded suggestion that already appears to be lapped up by some of his ardent supporters. But this is the kind of thing that they love him for.

And Jerry Falwell Jr is just another example of a sanctimonious religious ■■■■■■■■■■■ that so many love to flock behind. In the same way as Commodus in Gladiator. “I will give the people a vision and they will love me for it”.


Nah. Just revenge. No rules. Just revenge.

Exactly. Libs deserve this, and they must never ever regain power because their revenge would be swift and terrible. Suspending the Constitution is a small price to pay.

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The score from trump supporters so far is 1 for and 2 against two more years added to fat donald’s “reign”

As I said, it’s hard to take libs serious when they bring up Constitution…in fact it’s hard not to laugh.

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Libs only care about the Constitution when they think it will impede MAGA. Trump supporters know it is a living document that can be amended or suspended at will to protect Donald and therefore America.

Besides, what about Hillary and Hussein Obama?

So, I ask - Do you agree with Jerry Falwell Jr’s “suggestion” that 2 years should be added to Trump’s current term?

I’ll tell you want @conan. Trump can have his two years back, but unfortunately, we’re going to have to do a few things to make it fair:

  • All of Trump’s EOs and other directives from the day the Trump admin appointed Mueller to investigate Russia are immediately rolled back
  • Every piece of legislation he signed is no longer in effect.
  • All of Trump’s appointments are officially rescinded and must be renominated and voted upon, including the 2 supreme court picks.
  • Obama gets 4 years back for all the time spent on the Benghazi witch-hunt that didn’t lead to any action against him from Republicans.
  • As such, Obama also gets a chance to renominate a SC justice under the current senate. They can obstruct it again if they wish, I guess.

Fair is fair. So let’s do it!


High quality discourse. Attempting to derail the thread by broadbrushing individuals here is really weak. If you’re going to suggest individual posters here want things not supported by the constitution, then have the guts to be specific and call it out.

Not gonna happen.


A man of God siding with a serial adulterer who cheats companies out of money, bullies small businesses and gets in bed with dictators from other countries.

Is that the type of religion that the rest of you guys grew up with? It’s not what I grew up with.

I’m not ready to give up Gorsuch.

OK you win…

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The official language of the constitution is

“He shall hold his Office during the term of 4 years”

Terms are 4 year increments.

Have yet to see a 8 year term which would be unconstitional.

Allan (setting the record straight at hannity since 2002)

Two terms would = how many years.


Then a new president will be lected :smiley: