Should trump have 2 years added to his term?

According to fat donald, two years of his term were stollen because of the Russia investigation and failed coup.
Many of his ardent supporters like Falwell jr. are calling for two years to be added to fat donald’s term. Anyone here agrees with fat donald and Falwell jr? If so, why?

Only in an America gone mad would this even be discussed without laughter.

I dislike Trump as much as the next guy but I would say that this is silly.

These clowns keep me laughing.

I like stollen.

Does the Commander in Cheif have any other opinions on the kentuky derby?



I’m sure there are a lot of Trump supporters who also agree with Falwell’s assessment and would advocate adding 2 more years onto Trump’s term.

Again…it goes to ignoring the Constitution and sliding into King territory.

Not one trump supporter in the media or elsewhere has called out trump or Falwell jr for this suggestion…not one.

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He can do his 8 years and pass the reigns on

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Did Clinton get extra time? Should Nixon have stayed in office for a longer term? Do these idiots not realize the cons are not always going to be in the white house?

Actually I kind of agree with Trump. We need to make exception here due to circumstances.

4 years, to be exact.

I’m going with 8

You mean like stoppage time at the end of a soccer match half to account for injuries/other delays of game ?

I can totally see that, f.e. if Biden wins in November of next year, Trump will say - I’ll leave the office but only after my stoppage time is up. Then we wait.

America would be better off if Donald Trump stays as president for life. After he passes the office could be transferred to Javanka.


Here’s the first example of someone wanting to ignore the Constitution.


Of course…the hell with Article II of the Constitution, right?

Oh now you’re going to preach to me about the Constitution.

Too funny.


So…you know the fix is in?

Interesting typo in this. I know it’s no intentional, but the irony strikes.

Executives pass on reins.

Monarchs reign.


Same here! I think it’s perfectly legitimate to suspend the 22nd Amendment so that Donald gets all the time he needs to MAGA. He should also be free to suspend whatever other parts of the Constitution are unfairly being used to obstruct his Great Work.

Libs need to eat their peas. :us:

Oh look, another lib is preaching about the Constitution.

Too funny.