Should Trump appoint a non-white male to the Supreme Court?

Let Trump nominate Condoleezza Rice. She may not have the law background, but with her study habits, she would be up and running in no time. Then let the left “Bork” the first African American Women nominated.

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Amy Coney Barrett would be a good pick regardless of her Gender.


And it would still be a stupid move practically, morally, and politically to play the same identity politics game with the Dem’s.

No matter who is nominated if she’s not the ideological equal to Kagan and Sotomayor he/she is going to get pilloried and even then the left would go nuts and still want to find some way to block the nomination until the new congress is seated.

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Why wouldn’t I be???

I believe the Federico Moreno (Hispanic White) and Amul Thapar (Indian) are the only two males on the list who are not non-Hispanic Whites. Moreno is too old to be a serious contender, so that leaves just Thapar.

Nobody deserves it.

This is exciting!

there are several good women that will defend the constitution.

that’s the only credential that is worth anything. Libs have made it clear that good judicial skills and knowledge are a distant second to activism. Let it be so.

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If he could, he’d probably try to put someone like Ben Carson on the SC.

Trump pardoned Dinesh D’Souza (aka Dinesh Dumb’****) so that he could get him on the high court.

Making History (in the sense of fulfilling some supposed grand narrative) is usually a very bad reason to make history (what actually happens).

When Nixon nominated G. Harold Carswell for the court, the complaint was that Carswell was frequently and was not a very good judge.

Republican Senator Roman Hruska of Nebraska leapt to Carswell’s defense.

‘’Even if he were mediocre,’’ Mr. Hruska declared, ‘’there are a lot of mediocre judges and people and lawyers. They are entitled to a little representation, aren’t they, and a little chance? We can’t have all Brandeises, Frankfurters and Cardozos.’’

Nah, Jay Sekulow or Mark Levin. :grin:

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Mark might make a good Justice, but he would never get the nod from the Senate due to his being negatively outspoken on topics dear and near the hearts of the left.

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Bush almost did that with Harriet Miers . She was a lawyer, but a real estate title lawyer. She set up closings, before Bush brought her to Washington. Hardly judge material for any court.

not male…check
not white…check

now suddenly libs will switch from saying middle easterners are “brown people” to Judge Jeanine is white. She is of Lebanese descent.

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ehhhh… maybe. But I’d be looking more to a persons character than any other attribute. There will be hordes of people with relevant skills supporting the justice.

But as far as Meyers goes… I was not impressed either.

Sotomayor, remember how the Demwits crowed about getting the first hispanic on the SCOTUS? Yea, i blew a gasket with that because the Demwits blocked a far better qualified hispanic from getting on the bench during Bush,s term. Why? Because he was appointed by a Republican President.

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and who can forget Clarence Thomas “lynching” (his words) at the hands of Demoncrats. They used the tried and proven KKK accusation of sexual promiscuity against him. With his white wife, they were basically treating him like Emmitt Till, except they found a black woman to be his accuser. Shameful. Disgusting.

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Why not? works for all