Should these goons be tried for murder?

It seems that a border agent was doing his/her job when a group of tried illegals tried to beat his/her brains out with clubs. The agent won the battle by shooting and killing a female assailant. The other three animals were apprehended later. In most jurisdictions if someone is killed during the commission of a crime, the other conspirators can be charged with murder. Should the surviving goons be charged?

No. They should not.

Personally, I think that law should only be applied where the person killed is not one of the perpetrators. If the shooting is justified, then how should it be murder?

Ironic how the article is condemning people for making statements “before the facts are known” and comparing that to the OP.

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I agree. It should be manslaughter.

We should disarm Border Patrol agents.

I don’t know what it would be, as the article is pretty thin on actual details.
No, we shouldn’t.

Why not? Why are we arming agents of the state to address a non-crime?

If you take the gun out of the equation, nobody gets shot right? Why do they need weapons of war to enforce a civil matter?

Strawman argument is strawman.

I never claimed that was your position (required for strawman). I’m asking why it shouldn’t be our position.

Agents of the state should fear the people. We should disarm them so they know who’s boss.

Strawmen argument is just making up another position. Which is what you are doing. And then trying to create an argument from it. No thanks.

No it isn’t. A strawman argument is me misrepresenting your position. Making up a position and implying it is yours, then attacking it.

It is my position, I’m asking you to support me.

Is crossing the border a capital offense? It’s not even a crime, right?

Why are we allowing agents of the state to execute foreign nationals on US soil for a non-crime in our name?

They probably could be given an aggressive prosecutor and friendly grand jury but it I think it would be an abuse of the statute.

Every reentry after the first is a felony and the border is regularly traversed by the the worst of the worst violent felons in the country.

Nuh uh. That’s not what libs told me. Strawman!

What crime are you talking about? We haven’t even established that these people are foreign nationals.

My point is that any agent of the state should be afraid of the people. They should not be better armed than anyone. They should actually be less armed than the people. So I suggest that we both take away their guns and make them wear puffy mittens.

Time for the government thugs to remember who is in charge.

No, it’s not.
And, no, it’s not your position.


The non-crime of illegally crossing the ditch. Them not being foreign nationals would make it even worse (unless you use a rocket).

Mittens? It’s too hot in Laredo for mittens. They can carry a stick, like the English police. We should be more like Europe.