Should the mods have to explain?

I just had a thread removed. I know the rules of the forum. I don’t need a reminder. But if a thread is taken down and the OP asks why, should the Mods be obligated to explain when asked?

Or should the question be ignored as mine was?

I told you in the thread to include a language warning in the op or it would be deleted. You continued to post in the thread, disregarding the warning.

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I tried to add a warning, but the video was taken down before I could.
Why did you not respond to my PM? Why was the thread deleted 20 to 30 minutes AFTER the bad language was removed?

Generally speaking, you would better serve the community if you responded to specific questions when asked.

First off, I didn’t receive your pm. You should try actually pming me.

Secondly, I just served the community quite well by deleting an op with linked videos containing numerous filter bypasses, which is against the rules of this forum.

Had you edited, or at least tried to heed my warning, by simply adding a language warning, your op would still exist.

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Can we try to do this without being snarky?

When I replied to the deletion message. Who got that reply?

Why was the thread deleted 20 to 30 minutes AFTER the bad language was removed?

Can we? I’m not at your beckon call, especially when you screw up and don’t pm me then blame your woes on me. There’s a way to do things. This isn’t an example of how it’s done.


It wasn’t removed. The op was flagged for language, I opted to hide just the op from view instead of deleting it to allow you a chance to edit with a language warning. You continued posting after I posted a warning in the thread urging you to edit or it would be deleted. You didn’t edit, the thread was deleted.

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