Should The democrats Be Rewarded For Their 4-Year Foot-stamping Temper Tantrum Meltdown?

You know that kid. The one in the supermarket who wants a lollipop, or a soda, or maybe even a toy. They’re angry. They want their way. They know that you’re tired and you’ve given in before. There’s only one way to stop their meltdown, and it involves giving them what they want.

Sounds familiar right??

What do you think when you see that kid?? What do you do in that situation??

I say don’t reward that behavior. Make them understand that it is not the way to behave, and maybe they should act differently in the future to get their wishes granted.

trump/pence 2020!!! Make America Irate Again!!



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Worked for Republicans after their 8 year temper tantrum.


Yes because they oppose the fascist, racist Republicans.

See? I can make stuff up, too.

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One term president.

Say it.


That was something called The 22nd Amendment.

Read up on it.

If Biden wins the election and Trump goes golfing rather then attend the inauguration, I think that I will refer to him as the kid in the supermarket.


The fantasies you guys engage in…

Besides, trump’s not leaving, win or lose. Right??

Lord ain’t that the truth.

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Democrats are being rewarded…all across the country…in Democrat cities that are being destroyed due to their policies and the environment they’ve created. What I hope is that everyone, regardless of their political label, can see this carnage and desire better for the country and vote for Trump 2020? image

Say it here first?

whatttttttttt? No, Trump never whines and complains and throws fits. Never. This has been 3.5 years of measured, thoughtful leadership. As thoughtful as the threads people here create.


The ones looting, burning, beating, and killing should be rewarded with free room and board in the pokey.

Long term free room and board.

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Bet he wouldn’t loot and riot.

And after all these tantrums, they then complain that Trump doesn’t unite us.

True. Oh, my only exception is the “too”.

Maybe he can set up an investigation of Biden before he leaves based on some fake dossier the Republicans pay for.

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Too late on the looting.

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I can’t lie, compared to the classy way Republicans have carried themselves these past few years, it is super noticeable.

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I sure hope they do that.

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