Should someone who assaults a police officer be booked and sent to jail?

What if it’s the other way around? Thoughts?

Sheriff’s deputy in Southern California video shows him kicking a suspect in the head | Daily Mail Online

Throw him in jail for assault. Don’t put a statue up for the perp.


No doubt. You can’t punt someone’s head like a football then walk free. He should be in jail right now. For some reason he isn’t.


Yep this is one of the most frustrating things. He should be arrested and charged just like anyone else immediately. Yes they can investigate but just like us he should be arrested as the investigation goes on.

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Yes. Police should typically be given the benefit of the doubt. But we can’t have them kicking people in the head who have surrendered. This idiot has no business running around. He is a clear threat to the community.

I agree.

Only if the have a body cam and it’s turned on. Otherwise no benefit of the foubt

cops more dangerous than perps huh?

No. Grouping people is evil. I won’t won’t do it. Unless it’s a group that alll think the same.

But yes, this particular cop is dangerous as hell. A blow like that could be fatal.

but why no “benefit of a doubt”?

for every bad cop instance there’s like 10x tall loser black dude punching an 85 year old in the head to the ground and stealing his cane or a shooting in broad daylight on NY sidewalk with kids

june-teent baby


Because if we didn’t we would have to pull every cop off the streets who has had an accusation thrown at him. In the cities that would literally be every cop. If people knew they could get a cop pulled off duty by a simple accusation, they would do it every time.

Horse feathers.

Really? Prove it.

Every cop has never been pulled of the street anywhere ever.

No blue privilege.

Exactly. Because they are given the benefit of the doubt as I said. If they were not, it would have to be assumed that they were putting bad cops back on the street. in this case, there is no reason to give this dirt bag the benefit of any doubt. He booted a surrendering man in the head.

They are afforded blue privilege because they have convinced us they are heroes and because we’re afraid.

What do you think of the video in the OP? Somehow you managed to deflect

Nope. That’s not the cops. That’s the city leaders. Example, every single time there is a mass shooting what is the first thing the city leaders do? They grab a microphone and boast of what a great job their first responders did. I find this to be quite tasteless. But it ain’t the cops doing it. Cops seldom brag about being heroes. Even when they are.

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Because why not?