Should social media come with health warnings?

Should Facebook, Twitter, etc. be required to put health warnings about the dangers associated with social media?

Could the government ban them completely based on concerns about depression, suicide, and cyberbullying?

It shouldn’t come with health warnings

Unlike guns in the home, video games violence, pants not being pulled up, lack of etiquette, nude magazines, sex in movies social media is an actual ■■■■■■■ problem

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I have seen warnings in bingo halls about the dangers of gambling addiction.

Most of the stuff in a hardware store comes with warnings, and practically everything is known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Could one state mandate similar warnings on social media and require them for the whole country?

I think that’s a good idea. What would it say?

Here is possible wording:

Warning: Excessive use of social media is linked to increased occurrence of depression and suicide.

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That should only come from a robust body of evidence like the smoking-cancer link.

:slight_smile: Your age is showing. Magazines !?!? :smiley:

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Why require social media warnings? So we can get the same results that the CA “causes cancer” warnings have brought us?

When a child does not have a loving, nurturing life, because their father was simply a sperm donor, they turn to alternative ways of seeking the necessary love required in guiding them into adulthood…but social media…is simply a mirage of what’s missing.


Some public awareness on over use and potential as a poor substitute for actual human interaction.

Well, we’re certainly doing a screeching one eighty from “cyber bullying isn’t even a real thing!” now that it fits our goals.


Yet the proliferation of bots and using social media to push messages by less than stellar actors can’t be snd won’t discussed

I guess small steps?

Yeah you are right lol. Referencing 50 years of religious right rhetoric will do that to ya. Damn it i AM old

Warning? Not necessary. Minimum age of 21 with a thorough background check prior to use should suffice.


Nothing wrong with nudey mags. The NSA can’t track your movements and bombard you with subliminal messages with a magazine as they do with those evil porn sites. Online nakey pics are the devils work, stick to the wholesome glossy backed periodicals I say.

For some people. Others not so much.

California causes cancer?


How do you manage not to spill your Jameson on the pages

No, its not California that causes cancer, its the stuff that is in every store in the state.(If you believe the signage). Either cancer or “reproductive harm”.

There is a joke here in Florida that “It only causes cancer in California” about those warnings on packaging.