Should Shifty recuse himself?

Of course he should. Nothing else makes sense. He has already lied about having evidence of Trump/ Russia collusion. He has proven that he will lie for political reasons.

How can you claim to have an honest investigation led by a very shifty, dishonest person?


Who’s shifty?

Childish nickname for Adam Schiff.


Same old, same old… working the ref.

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Boy. That really looks like a COH bait right there.


Lying for political reasons? That’s pretty rich from someone who supports a Liar-in-Chief who has lied over 8,100 times since taking office.

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No. I am calling the nickname childish.

I feel the same way about the posters who refer to the President as “fat Donald.” I think we should just use people’s names, or the aliases they have given themselves.

Should Shifty recuse himself?

I think Rush made it up. That’s where trump got the idea to make fun of names. He understands the base that way.

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Which is why I frequently refer to Trump as President Dennison.


I appreciate your consistency.

Should he recuse himself?


Its why we all call Ms. Clifford, Stormy Daniels!

Should Barr recuse himself?

It’s not polite to deflect. This is not a Barr thread. But if you begin a Barr thread, I will happily reply. Thanks!

Should Shifty recuse himself?

Not only should Shift recuse himself, but he should probably also resign his position. He’s shown himself to be incapable of being objective and he’s more than likely broken the law half a dozen times since obtaining his office. Americans deserve better than having someone like that operating with that much power. He probably won’t resign, but that just proves how corrupt he is.

Shiff should recuse himself if he accurately stated there is evidence of collusion between Russia and elements of the Trump campaign?

We already know that elements of the Trump campaign both discussed illegally obtained info with the Russians, coordinated secret meetings in order to discuss it, and then lied about it.

We know that Trump openly encouraged foreign entities to “find” dirt on his political opponents.

We also know that Trump’s campaign/administration repeatedly responded to these Russian efforts by seeking to ease sanctions and political pressure on them.

It’s a textbook example of collusion. The fact that some will not accept anything less that Trump caught on tape saying “I am colluding with Russia to interfere in the election.” doesn’t mean that it wasn’t taking place or that there is not clear evidence of it.