Should Sacramento become the next Ottawa?

Democrats in California have introduced a bill requiring that all workers in the state get the COVID shots:

Meanwhile workers and businesses continue to flee the state. Vaccine mandates could increase the number of refugees.

Is Sacramento the next Ottawa?


If they’re smart, they’ll vote this down.

Smart and California Democrat politicians are mutually exclusive.


ZeroHedege is a lousy source for these types of articles. Do a little homework on the demographics of California and you will see that it is not the doom and gloom issue that they say it is. Corporations have been leaving California for decades. But there has always been sectors (mostly technology and social media) that keep expanding. And the corporations that are well established are staying even though they will pay more taxes because of the breaks from proposition 13 are ending. And even though the population went to single digits last year for the first time does not mean that it is going to a negative this year.

I have spent a lot of time the Bay area and have experienced witnessed the obvious problems first hand. California has pleasant climate and spectacular scenery, but the government is making it unlivable.

Restrictive zoning laws have a stranglehold on new housing. Even six figures is low income in the bay area. In Marin County north of San Franciso a small apartment is $2000 a month or more and the media price of a house is $1.5 million.

Prosecutors have stopped prosecutions of shoplifting and thefts from cars. There were 3000 car break-ins in San Franciso in December and virtually no one is ever prosecuted.

The price of gasoline is mysteriously high. Pennsylvania has higher gas taxes, but prices Bay area are just under to $5 gallon, roughly $1.00 to 1.50 a gallon higher than prices in Pennsylvania. How much of that difference is result of corruption and market manipulation?

Now fascists in Sacramento are trying take away your job if you don’t have a COVID shot. They attack working people while allowing rampant theft and subsided drug use.


I appreciate your viewpoint. I was born in San Francisco and raised in San Jose. I have watched the California growth since the early 1950’s. You mentioned the cost of housing there. And yes it is high compared to other places in the US. But it is difficult to compare to the rest of the US. The folks there are paid well enough to cover the cost of living. And going back to the 1960’s businesses there found that the primary way to attract and keep employees was to have the best benefits. Many folks there have much better average health care then other parts of the nation. You have to remember that California has the fifth largest economy in the whole world. And that is not going to go down the drain overnight. And you mentioned the pending California Covid-19 bill which may or may not be passed. Currently California has a 81% totally vaccinated population. Which is very high compared to the national average. And it is not a get the shot or lose your job kind of deal. They would still have a provision to accommodate those folks with a valid medical or religious excuse.