Should people be forced to donate a kidney if they are the only match

heres the situation.
a person needs a kidney or else they will die. you are the only match they find.
should you be forced to donate that kidney to keep that person alive or should you be allowed to let them die

and how is that different than making a woman carry an unwanted child to term?
in both cases you are forcing a person to do something with their body that dont want to do

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I was going to reply, until I discovered this was not a kidney question and that your other question has already been answered 1000 times. You will get the same replies that you have heard many times already. Disagreeing with the reply does not mean you didn’t get one.

Well, it depends on what you need your second kidney for.

If you just want to drink and have fun at prom, then you should be forced to give your kidney. If you’re only using your kidneys for recreational activities, you’re not allowed to keep them.

If you’re a higher risk donor, such as a pre-teen, then you may be allowed to keep your kidney pending the approval of your state politicians.

What about testicles? I have always asked myself, do I really need three of them?


I think your analogy is flawed unless somehow you caused the kidney problems in the other person.

I think most of America is not with the extremes. They don’t like the barbaric New York law where after a 9 month pregnancy, a baby can be sliced up as it is being delivered. And they don’t favor a total ban as Alabama has. I’m predicting that the Alabama total ban will be over turned in court.

I don’t venture into the abortion debate too much but there is a lot of difference between forcing a stranger to donate a kidney and aborting a child in the womb. I am pro choice leaning till the child hits a certain age at that point I am not.

This is pretty much were I stand, even some of my very pro choice friends have a cut off date to were they are not cool with it, which usually varies between 3-5 months depending on the person. I haven’t had this discussion with anyone who is for aborting an 8 month old fetus.

Ya I’m in the middle. Dont know exactly where… but I think giving someone 3-5 months to make the choice max. But I dont have anything to back that up other than “sounds right”

Which was the idea behind passing such a law to begin with, but we already knew that.

I’m forced to buy Obamacare. Democrats didn’t seem to have a problem forcing people to do that.


People who were born tend to have two kidneys.

People who have been aborted tend to have none.

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a better question is should organ harvesting upon death be mandatory?

If a man forces a woman (who is the only match) to donate a kidney, should she rip him open to retrieve that kidney in assertion that she has over the rights of her body?

How did this person go into kidney failure (in order to need a kidney transplant) anyway? Where they drinking too much alcohol, was it sepsis? Did they have kidney cancer?

It’s real simple. A pregnancy is 100% avoidable and the choice of those involved whether or not they choose to have unprotected sex. Now…that being said, I have no problem with abortion but…they have a limited time to decide…unless it’s a medical emergency? Surely we can all agree on that?

I’ve already said they can have whatever they want after I kick the bucket and before they toss me into the incinerator. Of course with the way I’m going it’s gonna be pretty slim pickings.

That’s an interesting question but…due to present day observations…you’ll be opening Pandora’s box.

This analogy was an epic fail. womp womp

Please double down.


Diabetes and high blood pressure are the most common culprits.

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