Should mt rushmore be removed?

the land the monument is on was granted to the sious tribe in 18698 in perpetuity
that only lasted until gold was discovered in the 1870’s and the US took the mountain back in 1876
the sioux still consider the black hills sacred ground
the sculptor was a kkk member

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Right after we remove everything in West Virginia that bears the name of Robert Byrd. He was a Klan member too.





Recreation and tourism[edit]


The Robert C. Byrd Bridge crossing the Ohio River between Huntington, West Virginia and Chesapeake, Ohio.


wow west virginia sure loved them some robert byrd.

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Do you think anyone here cares about statues to Robert Byrd?


Not everything that should be done with a magic wand be attempted to go through the difficult process of making it a reality. Honestly, if the Sioux tribe would actually want that tourist trap back, I say it should be given back to them.

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I like that idea.

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are any on those on land stolen by the government?

I have never met a Byrd supporter in my life, but its more fun to pretend the left cares about things named after him as a quick gotchya checkmate.


they do want it back

Then it should be given back to them

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They want all of the Black Hills back.
So far all they have to show for it is killing Custer for that theft.

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The fact that he’s still a talking point is endlessly hilarious to me.

Anyone who wants to pull down statues of Robert Byrd - go for it.

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Baby steps. The left have a lot more confederates to eat before they finish their own meal.

In my opinion, Byrd’s name will eventually be wiped from the listed buildings.

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Absolutely. Grind that carving on Stone Mountain down while we’re at it.

As expected, someone peddled Robert Byrd out… I have to say, it’s a peculiar and tickling to see * giggles * none of the men on Mount Rushmore were “Democrats” as we know them today. Hell, Robert Byrd isn’t a “Democrat” as we know them today. Their party can’t be attributed to their racist ways, they were just racist. I don’t get the obsession with him.


Do they want us to demolish the faces first or take them back as is? Would seem rather uncanny for them to take them back as is, although I don’t see them wanting to seriously impact the natural landscape like that.

Yes…blow up the whole ■■■■■■■ mountain. Just remove it from the face of the earth.

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His name is the wedge, they are the hammer. It falls flat on its face every time, yet repeated ad nauseam so it must work for them on some fundamental level.

The obsession is not Byrd, but a love to hate the left.


I don’t know, but the damage is done. The Six Grandfathers were irreparably destroyed. It should have never happened.
For 147 years the Lakota have demanded the return of the Black Hills and refused all offers of reimbursement. Of course they’ll never get it, but I admire their principled stand.

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I see his name a lot on here, even years back. It’s as if they sure back smugly typing away like “That’ll show em :smirk: and expect the reaction to be like:

Wait, what?! :cold_sweat: Not Robert Byrd, he’s a DEMOCRAT :sob: What have I done? I’m so sorryyyy!! :sob: :sob:

When in reality, black people, leftists and progressives alike hear that kind of suggestion and think