Should John Kerry be charge with Logan Act

We all seen the hype that libs done about Trump campaign and meetings his people had with Russia during his transitional period of his new administration. I’m just wondering if libs feel John Kerry has over stepped his bounds on secretly meeting with Iran and be charged as well.

Or is it somehow different?

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One law for them, another for us. :wink:


According to Alan Dershowitz, remember how this investigation against Trump begins.

It begins by the theory that people in the Trump campaign may be violating the Logan Act, by going and speaking to people when they haven’t yet been president.

So libs…what do you think?

You’re rewriting history. The investigation began with Russia stealing emails and people on Trump’s team blabbing about it before they were published.

I think you’re making stuff up again.

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WOW talk about making stuff up!

Nope. All correct.

The Logan Act should be repealed. It is a leftover turd from the Alien & Sedition Acts.

Doesn’t change the fact that it was major talking point against Trump incoming administration…

No, it wasn’t.

Should John Kerry be charge[d] with Logan Act [violation]?


I have a major problem with people like Kerry undermining an administration.

I realize that no one has ever been convicted under the Logan Act, and I have no problem with Kerry calling Ryan, etc, but he has no business negotiating stuff in an official capacity. That’s just not right.

Senators on both sides have done this, with Saddam Hussein I think and Bashar al Assad too if I’m not mistaken.

Remember “The Trial of Nancy Pelosi” on the old Hannity board?

Maybe it’s time to do it for John Kerry.

John Kerry should have been charged with TREASON during the Vietnam war!
He was a traitor then and he is a traitor now!


Kerry is, and has been, a traitor.:rage:

About all Kerry ever did right was marry well.

let’s see. a bunch of republicans favor Donald Trump and Ted Nugent (who both skipped serving in Vietnam) and trash John Kerry who was involved in stuff like this…

“James Rassmann, a Green Beret advisor who was aboard Kerry’s PCF-94, was knocked overboard when, according to witnesses and the documentation of the event, a mine or rocket exploded close to the boat. According to the documentation for the event, Kerry’s arm was injured when he was thrown against a bulkhead during the explosion. PCF 94 returned to the scene and Kerry rescued Rassmann who was receiving sniper fire from the water. Kerry received the Bronze Star Medal with Combat “V” for “heroic achievement”, for his actions during this incident; he also received his third Purple Heart.”

which isn’t surprising since some of those same republicans let Donald Trump talk junk about a POW.

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Just repeal the Logan act. IMO, someone out of the chain of authority can’t negotiate with a foreign country anyway, because any supposed agreement is worthless. So all the Logan act does is prevent someone from talking to a representative of a foreign country.
BTW, where’s all the media outrage about Kerry talking with the leaders of Iran when every time a member of the Trump campaign talked with someone from Russia it was all “Aha! See!”.

I don’t particularly like broad-brushing, but comments here about McCain and now Kerry seem to indicate the right prefers party over country. There’s really no other way to explain it. And it’s shameful. I’m sure someone will come up with an example to bash the left, but the left is a lot more respectful of conservatives in that regard, even those they disagree with.


John Kerry is not a traitor and has never been close to being a traitor.

Not even close.

This sentiment shows the wisdom of the founding fathers writing an extremely narrow and strict definition of treason into the Constitution.

Unpopular opinions do not constitute treason.

Overt acts of treason constitute treason and Kerry has not committed or attempted to commit any.