Should injuries from employer-mandated vaccinations be considered work-related injuries?

Should employers who require their workers to be vaccinated be liable for vaccine-related injuries?

It appears that the Biden administration quietly reversed earlier regulations and is saying that injuries from mandatory vaccinations will not be recorded as workplace injuries.

Meanwhile it looks like the Biden Administration and state officials in California and New York are proposing mandatory vaccinations for state employees:

If the vaccine is transparently safe, then why is the government doing everything it can to make sure employers have no liability for vaccine injuries?

Democrats had a much different line about vaccine safety before the election. What has changed?


Because nothing is 100% safe and lawsuits.

Plus, law suits can start up again in 2024.

But linking a specific problem to any vaccination can’t be easy.

Yes, lawsuits cost money. So do deaths and disabilities from vaccine-related injuries.

If the vaccines are provably safe, then the liability costs should be minimal.

If the safety of the vaccines are unknown, then why should average working people get stuck with all costs from policies created by governments and large corporations?


Vaccines bad.

first world problems.

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America is a hyper litigious country. This is not new.

The government also gave corporation liability protection if they didn’t notify their employee of COVID cases among staff.

The government is protecting governments and huge corporations from lawsuits from workers injured as a result of work-related policies. How is that fair?

Its not the Government doesn’t care about workers and never has.

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I agree. Protecting big corporations and government officials allied with the administration appears to be the top priority.

Protecting average working people is a low priority at best.

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Counterpoint: why should average working people be placed in peril of a potentially deadly disease by unvaccinated co-workers?

And more generally speaking, why do non vaxxers think their decisions give them the right to endanger fellow citizens? Why should a non vaxxers rights trump my rights?

Clearly, there is tension between these two points of view, and I personally think we should err on the side of public health.

I don’t know that it is fair, but it is also unfair for non-vaxxers to imperil me.

Counter-counter point: Vaccines are supposedly so effective that COVID is not a risk to the vaccinated.

Why is the government mandating force vaccinations to protect the unvaccinated from each other?

It is like enforcing adultery laws against groups of swingers in the name of preventing them from transmitting STDs to each other.

How does some one else’s vaccine status imperil you?

You took the vaccine, you are protected from COVID. Right?

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Well, your first sentence is blatantly incorrect, we know that vaccinated people are getting infected, but in much lower numbers…

And with that bit of nonsense out of the way, the rest of your post is pointless.

Look, I understand your point about the lawsuits. But at what point do we reject the anti-vax nonsense, and just tell them: “if you don’t like it, find another job”?

Again, especially with the Delta variant, we know that infections can happen even when vaccinated. Even worse, I can be a carrier without symptoms and take it home to my family.

How does your right to inflict this supercede our right to avoid it? It sure seems like your thrown punch is connecting with my nose. Virally speaking.

Are vaccinated people at more or less risk from Delta as compared to the flu? Are flu vaccinations mandatory?



I take your point, but I am hearing about mask mandates coming back, and it makes me mad. How long should I be expected to coddle anti vaxxers and remain silent?!

But again, I take your point.

If an employer does not allow work from home and requires its employees to work in the office, is the employer liable if the employee gets in an accident on the way to work?

The employer is liable for injuries in vehicle accidents driving from one customer to the next.