Should I Read the mueller Report? Or Other Recent Documents?

I’ll tell you, I’ve been reading so much lately. This got me thinking…

I’ve never read the mueller report. I mean some people are saying I should. You see it all the time on these boards. “Read the report.” “Read the report.” “Read the report.”

I admit, I made up my mind very early about the whole “russia collusion hoax”. Some may remember on the other board, I was one of the very first people shooting down this nonsense, posting references to The Crucible saying things like, “Goody (so-and-so) saw trump talking to a russian down by the river.”

I didn’t believe what they were peddling and I was right all along. No collusion!

I also had some bias against team mueller because of how long they were dragging this ■■■■ out. I may have been a little hard on bobby.

Should I go back and read it now??


If you want to form your own opinion based on the information, Yes.
If you trust your preferred news source (Fox, MSNBC, CNN, etc) to explain it to you, No.

The biggest issue with news is its written by someone with an opinion.

I don’t know… I mean, I haven’t read the trump-zelensky TRANSCRIPT, or the “whistleblower” report and I seem to be doing pretty well on my own.

Of course I’ve seen all of the bullet-points that we’ve all been arguing over for the past week or so. But not the whole report.

I guess I just feel like I might have missed something important, and I don’t know whether to go back and read it now.

I’ll figure it out.


They have an audio book…just saying…

This might sound weird, but I’ve never used an audio book.

I prefer to hold a book in my hands.

Though I have read several e-books, so not a problem.


No I get that…I’m that way with my dragon lance books and to a lesser extent comics.

The feel…the smell…just feels better.

This is different because it’s kinda mundane

Nah. You had an open mind.
I will give you credit. You heard both sides of the story. Read the meuller report as I did and came to the conclusion that collusion could not be proven as Mueller did.

Otherwise a bias might show though.

Allan (giving credit for an open mind on hannity since 2002)

Not really as you have to arm yourself with facts in order to have a rational debate.

If you just spout an opinion about something without the ability to back it up, it comes out as irrational. And certain people, well let’s just say they have certain amount of fun with your baseless opinions.


I’d say I’m pretty well armed. Nukular even.

But as always, ORANGE MAN BAD!!


Well my opinion is that you are not. Brilliant minds sometimes disagree.


No. Your ignorance has always been one of your more charming qualities.




Too many words. Dont ready brah, you already know the truth.

No, it’s a wast of time and full of second hand information from Crowdstrike just like the whistle blower hoax now.

Intel Vets debunks the Crowdstrike garbage.

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So what should we call those ignoring the current investigations into Obama’s spygate, fisa abuse, uranium one and on and on?


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How do we know the truth when the investigations aren’t over?

Please share.

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Are you serious? You see some around here claiming that this report is damaging to Trump even though it explicitly concludes that there was insufficient evidence of cooperation between Russia and the Trump campaign.
Of course you should read it. Every accusation that was made and why, at the end, the conclusion was insufficient reason for cooperation.
Indeed, that report alone is justification for investigating the origins of the Russian collusion investigations. Why did we spend two and a half years and millions of dollars investigating nothing?

Well it probably wouldn’t hurt to find another way to occupy your time besides pressing this button on here every five minutes :wink:


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That’s why we are waiting for those investigations into the Obama scandals to end!

Not sure why you’re ignoring them, did fake news give you false hope keeping these investigations from you?

Eh… I’ll probably get around to it.

I’ve got a new stephen king to get to first.