Should General Milley be in contact with Russian generals? Or is it time to use the 25th amendment?

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley was in secret contact with his Chinese counterpart during the last days of the Trump administration. Some would call that treasonous behavior, but the Biden and the media supported Milley’s backdoor conversations as a prudent precaution given President Trump’s rhetoric and strained relations with China. Here is one explanation from September 2021:

"Milley had reviewed intelligence suggesting that the Chinese believed the U.S. was preparing to attack at that time, and he feared a hair-trigger situation in which there could be miscalculation, or a preemptive strike by China in an attempt to fend this off or get ahead of it.

“And at the time, there were tensions over military exercises in the South China Sea; these tensions were deepened by Trump’s belligerent rhetoric toward China on the campaign trail. So [Milley] tried to assuage these fears by saying the U.S. was stable and was not preparing to lash out at China.”

Milley reportedly told military officials to ignore the President’s orders.

Unlike the China when Trump was in office, Russia’s nuclear forces have been at a high state readiness, and the US is shipping weapons to kill Russian soldiers in an active war. US-Russian relations are arguably far closer to nuclear war anything that was going on with China, and President Biden who has called his counterpart in Russia a “soulless killer” and a “war criminal”.

The White House recently walked backed Biden’s call for regime change in Russia claims about training Ukrainian troops in Poland. Clearly Biden is acting without thinking through the consequences.

Should General Milley be in contact with his Russian counterpart to reassure them about Biden’s belligerent and reckless behavior?

Should Milley tell military officials to ignore orders from the President now like he apparently did in January 2021?

Or is time to remove President Biden using the 25th Amendment?

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The U.S Military has open communication with Russia, I’m sure the U.S Military has made it clear they have no plan to attack Russia., how do you know he isn’t?

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Yes, it is likely that elements of the US military and/or State Department are already in contact with Moscow.

If Sergei Shoigu want to call Milley I’m sure his phone-line is open.

A fundamental principle in the US and other western nations is civilian control over the military.

If Biden orders a strike against Russia, should the military be free to ignore the order?

If military leaders decide to strike Russia, is Biden still able to prevent that from happening?

We have a dangerous situation where it appears that the elected president is no longer the commander in chief.

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Sooooo, why the thread?

Who is running things in Washinton?

Who is in charge of the US nuclear forces?

The future of human civilization may depend on answering these questions.

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America isn’t going to attack Russia.

for America to launch a nuclear missile it require approval of the President and Sec of Defence then two system verification down the chain of command.

Will the US use chemical weapons? Biden has waffled back and forth on that issue.

The same is true for regime change in Russia. Watch Tucker Carlson’s video.

Tucker Carlson is a hack.
America isn’t going to depose the President of Russia, stop it.

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The video includes clips showing Biden’s own words. See video from 13:30 to 15:20 for some examples.

Ya Biden said Putin need to be removed from power.
but Biden isn’t going to remove him from power.

How traiterous…?

Its not, The U.S is not closed off they have open lines of communication with other countries.

Its common for national counterpart to have open lines of communication so President/President, etc

so Milley has open lines of communication with his counterparts, His Chinese counter part was worried about the risk of war breaking out in South China sea and called Milley and asked him about risk of conflict in the South China sea.

If Sergei Shoigu want to pick up the phone and speak with Milley I’m sure he would be open to such conversation as would Biden if Putin wises to pick up the phone.

I don’t consider Milley’s actions traitorous. Treason has very narrow definition, which is limited by the constitution.

On the other hand, refusing a lawful order from the President and getting others to do the same may fall under the legal definitions of mutiny and conspiracy statutes. Communicating confidential information to foreign military officials without authorization from the president may amount to espionage or similar crimes.

The fact that Milley had not been fired and has not faced prosecution for his actions indicates that the US military may no longer be under the control of the elected government.

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Milley acted in secret without authorization from the president.

Can you point to any similar actions by US military officials before Trump took office?

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