Should Fox News now be called Fakes News?

After Fox’s coverage of Trump’s cave to Pelosi and the Democrats, Trump appears to be ready to throw them into the Fake News bin as well…

May as well. We already have other snazzy terms like the Clinton News Network, and PMSNBC, etc., so there’s no point in originality or anything. lol

Do you agree with Trump that Fox is now Fake?

It’s hard to imagine that even the sheeple don’t realize that all their network news sources are coated in half-truths and deep-fried in propaganda. Well, not hard, but definitely disappointing.


When Fox News starts turning on fat donald, you know his days in office are numbered.

Fat donald getting punked by another strong woman. Maybe Fox News shouldn’t have spent much the last 5 years cheerleading this behavior.

So who is a reputable news source in your opinion?

Whoever turns out to be correct after all the poop airs out.

So then, what is your measuring stick for determining what information is valid before the “poop airs out”? You clearly make decisions on what you do and don’t believe before all the information has been verified, as do most of us.

The standard rule of thumb, from the Trumpian point of view, is that any news that puts Trump in the tiniest unflattering light is “fake news,” with the reporter automatically getting a complimentary membership in the “deep state™” club.

My measuring stick is to either wait and see or go find out for myself, provided that I give a crap in the first place.

Fox, just like the other networks, present far more opinions than news. This is a sport, and there are teams.

Do you agree that all of the others are fake too?

She actually uses the term “opinion journalists”? Hilarious.

I agree that there is no news outlet that is 100% trustworthy. Is that what you wanted to hear?

I mean he was probably pretty surprised considering they’ve been telling him what to do for two years.

Indeed. That had to feel a bit like a gut punch to him.

holy crap. why isn’t this Julie woman saying the same thing when Trump trashes CNN journalists, etc??

Hmmm yeah- watching Trump berate CNN, MSNBC and NYTimes reporters wasn’t enough for her. But oh my- Fox reporters! Now he’s a bully. Get outa here with that ■■■■■■■■■

It is really an entertainment channel with a few hours of news sprinkled in each day.


That was my first thought as well.

I wonder if Hannity will defend his collegaues?