Should creepy Uncle Joe back out?

I believe that the current count is up to four women who have accused Joe of inappropriate touching. So does this creepiness ruin Joe’s chances? What should he do?

Meh - if creepy Donald could stay in and eventually get elected, more power to him.


Hah, hah.

Donald Trump supporter. Creepy Joe.

it is to laugh.


He should primary Trump. With all his grabbing behavior he would stand a good chance of dethroning Trump.


The question was posed to you. Why are you not answering? You are making yet another stupid assed assumption that you know my opinion. I have not given it. So you had better be laughing at yourself.

Creepy Joe would be a good counterpoint to Creepy Donald.

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That’s a deflection which is what people do when they are stumped.

Good dodge. Should Joe back out?

No. Should Trump resign?



Should Trump resign?

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Yes. He never should have run for public office.


Candyman is pro Biden. Okay. No problem.

Okay. Now back on topic. What should creepy Joe do?

I believe there are a lot of great, young candidates making up a new generation of Democratic voters and it would be kind of a shame if the party’s standard bearer going into the future ends up being someone who is going to be 82 or 83 by the time their first term as President is up.

Joe Biden has been a champion for the working class for much of his life. He has done a lot of good and has lived a life of struggle and hardship. I believe both he and Bernie could better serve as elder statesmen type figures than actual candidates.


I already said he should stay in the race. He should keep running and ignore the blathering of hypocritical Trump followers.


Just grab them on the shoulders!

Eh… just doesn’t have the same ring to it!


That’s essentially what I said. There’s something to be said for passing the torch.

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None of my business

Does creepiness in a candidate bother you?

So this stuff matters in a Presidential race again? Interesting. Just a couple years ago it didn’t.

Biden can do whatever he wants. But if he stays in I wouldn’t vote for him.