Should college be free? Good and brief video about this issue

I don’t love this option for poor, qualified kids. They should get a cost free education to lift them from poverty, and then start building their lives. You’re right- the future taxes will help to make up the difference.

Pell grants cover the vast majority of the students I advise. That is based on their income which is why so many qualify. It’s one reason why I’m not on board with making all college free.

All colleges should definitely NOT be free. But some colleges should be free to some people.

Agreed 100%. I don’t think the govt should be paying for private university tuition.

That’s my biggest beef with education. So many required courses that are not interesting and do nothing other than pad the colleges budget.


They should have limited options - I.e. no gender studies.



What is the purpose of degrees like those?

Pfffft. Nope.You do not get to pick.

Exactly. I can’t pick my own courses. Wasted time and money.

I meant you don’t get to pick for others. Gender studies is an elective.

Isnt the lottery allocated to education? Certainly seems like that should help alleviate the problem just looking at how many people play and what the jackpot gets to these days.

Nope, full fledged degree at many institutions.

Elective means you get to choose. A student could choose to enroll in gender studies, or not.

Nobody should get it completely free. They need to have some skin in the game just like everyone should pay some federal income taxes.


It does exist for some. If a young single woman gets pregnant (at least in NJ) she and her child will absolutely get everything for free.

YOu aRe A GEnius!

So stop calling it what it isn’t.