Should Biden be allowed around women?

If polling is correct it seems that Joe Biden is the Democrats front runner for presidential candidate in 2020. This scares me. Biden is bad for women. His treatment of Anita Hill was a disgrace. He says he’s sorry, but that’s not enough. His penchant for massaging women and smelling their hair without their consent is something that should never happen. He just doesn’t understand that his behavior around women is not okay anymore, and frankly it never should have been. You shouldn’t touch women without their consent.

Trump would beat Biden in the general election, so I’m not worried.

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you feel it’s okay to touch men without their consent?

is it okay for women to hit men but not vice versa?
okay for men to hit men?

No it’s not.

I believe he should be allowed many women.


You have a point and I hope he stops doing that along with calling females names.

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Thanks. For a second I didn’t understand your post, and then I did.

The mere fact that this thread was started is proof, he doesn’t have a chance. He blew it with his own history…of which this thread is about. How do you guesstimate the future actions of a person?

That’s what I’m saying. When given the choice between Trump and Biden people are going to choose Trump. The choice is clear. Records matter.


Agreed. Compared to Trump, Biden is a piker when it comes to harassment of women. Go with the proven commodity. Four more years!


I don’t even get what argument people are making and I assume half are joking. Is the argument Trump supporters don’t care if Trump is awful but people that might not vote for him won’t come out for Biden because of his overbearing actions and unwanted touching?

Democrats spend 3+ years screaming about how terrible Trump is around women, and now the frontrunner for 2020 is someone who is just as bad, if not worse, around women? Tell me how that makes sense.

Because he’s not just as bad or worse. That was kinda easy.


A better candidate than Trump needs to step forward from either side that can do just a tad better than Hillary. She came dang close. Now seriously…what does that take? I’m looking too? If I see a candidate that I believe will achieve more of what I believe should be achieved, I’ll vote for him/her.

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Call me insensitive, but this whole thing about Biden has been grossly overblown. Joe hasn’t been accused of sneaking looks at nude teenage girls in beauty pageants, has he? He seems like an affectionate guy. So what?

And I think Trump is pretty scared of Biden. And he should be. He represents the Obama era that people love. People don’t love Trump the way they love Biden. (And thank God for that.)


Do you think Trump voters care about his treatment of women? Joe is competing for the votes of people that care about how women are treated. He’s a candidate for another time; a time when it was ok to touch women without their consent. That’s kind of a faux pas in today’s Democratic party.

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I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Jon Tester, come on down!

this has nothing to do with the OP

“affectionate” lol.

trump sneaking peeks at naked teens is media narrative crap

if biden yanked my 13 year old daughter toward him to nuzzle her up close i would quickly intervene

he does this crap all time as the multiple vids prove. he’s a frkn creep and weird

Yes and the 20+ women who’ve accused him of sexual assault must be taken seriously! And having affairs with women 33 years younger than him while his wife was home with their new baby! Clearly his ideas about respecting women are atrocious.

anything credible? proven? no. not a bit.

yet, multiple vids of biden being way out of line and weird. to kids