Should an armed bystander who interrupted a mass shooting face charges?

You really don’t see the root cause of this, do you? Does the 16 year old have an active father in his life? You want to look at guns, which isn’t the actual problem. The problem is sperm donors…who do not take care of their responsibilities, raising those they brought into the world, equipped with the mental tools to deal with adulthood.

In order to get him for trespass, they would probably have to tell him to leave first.

Not nearly enough information in the article to go on. For example, we don’t know anybody’s race.


Good information there.

The trespass portion is accurate and there is an unlikely chance a lesser charge could be filed. It would be a first if so.

My opinion is that in PA the law is left purposely murky for just the scenario we are discussing.


How about a good citizenship award?


Not even close to enough information in the article to make an informed opinion.

What exactly transpired is unclear.


:rofl: That’s what’s holding you back?

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They should try an “Abandon all Dope all Ye who Enter Here” sign too.


What do you deduce from the article?

Do you really want an uninformed opinion from me like other forumites.


Any opinion you give on any gun or military related subject is by default woefully uninformed.


One mans uninformed is another ones informed.

We once again will agree to disagree on a subject.

You think I am misinformed.

I hold the opposite view.


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Carrying a gun into the mall was against mall policy, not the law. Once the LEOs determined the justification for the shooting, there is nothing left to charge the man with.


Distinction. The 16 yr old did not acquire his gun legally, the man who shot him did.


From what I have read it is illegal if the property owner has it posted.

What law did the permit holder ignore?

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Was he asked to leave by mall security and refused to do so?

Exactly how would it differ from any other opinion you give in these forums? :stuck_out_tongue:

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You should have that carved on your headstone. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Could be … Parts if Pennsylvania are pretty ridiculous.


So … at most, willful misdemeanor trespassing.