Should 18 year olds be able to purchase handguns?

State by state basis.

There is no federal drivers license. You get your license issued by the state and all other states recognize it.

That’s why you can drive across the country without having to apply for temporary licenses.

Now if only the states would treat CCW the same way, we’d be a better country for it.


I did not refer to a federal driving licence. I was merely enquiring what the age one had to be to get a driver’s licence. The assumption I was referring to a federal driver’s licence was not correct.

Should 18 year olds be able to purchase handguns?



Opinion of the Court, concurrence and dissent in the aforementioned case.

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If ya wanna let them buy guns then they should be allowed to buy alcohol as well.


I will note that this was a “luck of the draw” panel. :smile: Plaintiffs/Appellants managed to draw a panel consisting of two Trump appointees and a District Judge sitting by designation from the Southern District of New York who was a Clinton appointee.

I have a feeling this will likely be appealed to the en banc Ninth Circuit and barring an amazingly lucky draw, it will likely be reversed.

I may not matter if the Supreme Court rules as expected in the pending Second Amendment case.

18 year olds that enlist into the US military are TAUGHT how to handle, maintain and fire with reasonable accuracy every weapon they qualify for and under strict supervision. Other than the combat zone a soldiers issued weapon is locked away in an armory including base security personnel except when on duty.
I hate that “yeah but we expect 18 year olds in the military” bull ■■■■■ I think 18 year olds should be conscripted into the military. They were when I was 18. You had to be 21 to vote too. How about that ■■■■■ Old enough to fight in a war but not old enough to vote the ■■■■■■■■ out of office that got us into it?

That is what I expect to happen

One thing at a time. Let’s stick with the ones already covered by the Constitution before taking up the battle on the ones that aren’t.

I agree 100% with the appellate court.

A 21 year old man or woman is an adult and should be treated as such.

Next issue: Forcing insurers to at least offer up to 26 year olds, and, apparently in New Jersey, up to 30 year olds, coverage as CHILDREN needs to end.

Can’t find a 30 hour a week job, or, if you’re like some of the whiny young people in the Commonwealth and just don’t want to (I swear some of these individuals have everything from vocational certification to BS degrees and :sob:don’t know what to do once parents cannot cover them anymore, some 26 year olds are getting maternity care on THEIR DAD’S health insurance, gee once they’re 27 & unless he takes custody, whose paying for their care?), anyway, it’s time for that forced coverage to be declared unconstitutional on a federal level.

It only takes 30 hours of work per week to get employee coverage. Can’t do or aren’t offered that, there’s an exchange to buy one yourself. You want the privileges of adulthood, and can legally do everything from buy booze to carry conceal, buy your own damned health insurance and stop piggy backing on your parents.

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It is covered by the constitution.

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State’s rights.

21st Amendment

I say the age of majority should be raised to 26. And sciencey agrees with me.

I’m willing to compromise down to 25.

bar mitzvah? I wonder if you can enlist in the IDF at 13… I know it is mandatory at 18…

totally different culture though…

Not wrong, neuroscience agrees, for me it was more like 35 though.


Voided the 18th. Poof, just like that … gone!

I’m pretty sure it’s 17. In most of the first and second worlds it’s 17 to enlist and if the nation in question has conscription its 18 for mandatory service.

Under certain UN statutes, allowing children under 16 to serve in a military force is a war crime.

They still do, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. But I can’t think of a country that openly allows kids under 16 to join their military forces. It’s always done clandestinely or is based on the kids lying about their ages.

Seriously. It’s like people who’ve never been in the military thinks a soldier can just go to the armory any time and say “Hey, gimme my M16! I wanna go do stuff with it.”