Should 18 year olds be able to purchase handguns?

Federal appeals court ruled that laws restricting the sale of handguns to 21+ was unconstitutional. This still awaits an en banc hearing, but the arguments supporting the decision are sound.

So. Old enough to serve, old enough to purchase a handgun?

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I think so.

Why not?


Might as well drop the drinking age while we’re at it.


I think any age should be able to buy a gun. No 2A infringement, right?

I do think actually think 16 should be fair game. If you can drive a car… you can own a gun.

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I knew that CNN article would point out which judge was appointed by the tweet meanie. lol


Lol. Drinking age should be 18 too…I agree.

An adult is an adult is an adult.


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If we expect an 18 year old to handle a gun in the military, then yes of course they should be able to buy a gun.

Buy a guy…lol


Lol. Fixed.

Should an 18 year-old be able to exercise his right to bear arms?

Of course. It’s a no brainer.


I don’t care what age is chosen for adulthood.

But whatever age that is should be the same for everything. Drinking, buying a gun, voting, and for being charged as an adult in crimes.


Except neuroscience says something else about just when someone’s brain has matured. Maybe that should be the new definition of adult, 26 wasn’t it?

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Lol. It’s not about maturity. It’s about an age where people can make a judgement in their lives without oversight.

While I think 18 is perfect, many others would disagree.



Why? I agree with you on this.


If your brain isn’t fully formed, you aren’t in possession of all your faculties yet. What other metric should be used for maturity in decision making than brain maturity? Correction: age of brain maturation 24. Oh and the last bits to come along are the most important in making rational decisions.

So he armed forces should start recruiting soldiers only after they have reached 26 since obviously they aren’t mature enough to make their own decisions about joining the volunteer armed forces.

I disagree wholeheartedly.


24 not 26 and yes they should, we shouldn’t send children who aren’t in full possession of their faculties off to war unless absolutely necessary. Pre-frontal cortex, kind of important in decision making.