Shots fired at San Antonio ICE Office

Just one month after a self-declared antifa leftist opened fire at an ICE Office in Tacmona, another ICE Office has been the target of a shooting, this time in San Antonio.

No injuries are reported - it is a small mercy these leftist gunmen are so incompetent.

When will the media call out Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and others who have incited this violence with their incendiary rhetoric?

Police responded to reports of gun shots around 3a.m. Tuesday morning. The suspect fired at the building from across the street, damaging several windows, according to police. No one was harmed in the incident but police are investigating whether the shooter intentionally targeted the ICE office, which is on the 14th floor of the high rise building.”

Thank God antifa ■■■■■■■ can’t fight. lol

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Sigh. This is weak

  1. 3:00 AM
  2. Fired from across the street.
  3. Damaged several windows, no people in sight.
  4. ICE office on 14th floor, no evidence suspect targeted ICE.
  5. No evidence suspect is an Antifa member.

Thoughts and prayers.

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You may as well copy and paste this at the bottom and top of the hour.


Hey media…let’s give this a shout out. There’s many more copycats where this turd came from.

The FBI is now saying it was a “targeted attack” against ICE. ICE agents were working in the offices at 3 am, and a bullet nearly hit one of them:

Yep. Looking to ice ICE with a gat.

Probably a white nationalist “encouraging” them to work harder.

Or perhaps someone who found the Tacoma attack to be “inspiring”.

Here is a statement reportedly from the Puget Sound Anarchists after one their associates was killed by policed during an attack at an ICE facility in Tacoma:

“We find his actions inspiring. The vehicles outside the detention facility are used to forcibly remove people from their homes and deport them, often to situations where they will face severe danger or death. Those vehicles being destroyed is only a start of what is needed,” the Puget Sound Anarchists wrote.

But the Bundys!

Probably some California transplant. I’m surprised he could hit the building.

Left-wing rhetoric is getting people killed…like the racist environmental terrorist in El Paso shooting spree.

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link me to AOC laughing about shooting ICE agents.

keep pushing that lie.

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Is that what “incendiary rhetoric“ means to you?

You mean like the President joking about shooting migrants.?

Why does Trump whataboutism always seem to enter your conversations?

someone claimed AOC need to tone down her message because its causing violence, I asked for an example of her encouraging violence toward ICE.

I used Trump comment about shooting migrants as an example of troublesome statement which could be used to encourage violence.