Shopping, San Francisco style!

Then it wouldn’t be a secret no mo. Now would it?

Why are you so concerned with the problems you perceive in San Francisco?

That’s only for the first offense or the first two, then even petty shoplifting becomes a felony.

Ok sure. If you believe that Altair’s cockiness is a bigger issue than the democratic crime surge, then by all means. Please do.

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So what you’re saying is that it would help if they made arresting these people a priority?


Nothing about this thread implies cockniess.

It’s just amazing to me that all these republican shangri-las exist only on the internet.

No, what I said is, you’re wrong about petty shoplifting always being a misdemeanor.

Feels sorta like your democratic cities are hellholes.

Ok. So what should they do to stop it? Because it appears that the city doesn’t want to do ■■■■ Happy with the mess they have.

Notable hellhole everyone’s escaping, Austin Texas checking in.

Where is the “most peaceful place on earth, if you can afford it” though, really? I’m not asking for your street number, just back up the thing you freely said.

You realize that you completely made that up. Right? You pulled the word shangri-la out of your ass.

The murder rate of my heavily armed burb is zero percent. If it makes you happy to call it a shangri-la, then knock yourself out.

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I refer to this mythic place internet republicans always say they live as Republican Shangri-la. You seem to be claiming residency as well.

If your whole shtick about “democratic hellhole neighborhoods” really can’t stand up to someone asking where you live, then i assumeyour town was on COPS once just like everywhere else.

If you tell me how telling you where I live will reduce the liberal crime wave, then I will tell you.

Just watch the video. That’s all you need to know. You will see my main point in the video.

Murder? What? Oh so who got murdered in your OP?

Is there no property crime in your town?

Your memory is poor. Refer to post 14.

You’re going on about democratic hellholes because you saw a video of a car speed away from a shoplifting. That’s not a point, altair, thats just nonsense.

You are free to call it that. But 17 Walgreens stores had to shut down too. That’s a fact. No nonsense.

Very little. They prosecute crime here. So there’s that.

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Let’s talk about post 14 then.

It’s not a healthy thing to be ranking level of enjoyment between robbery or murder.