Shopping, San Francisco style!

I love these stories!!! First they have to shut down 17 Walgreens stores because they were being robbed blind. Then they started closing Target stores early for the same reason. Now we get this video of San Francisco liberals running amok in a Neiman Marcus. Pouring out the front door with half the inventory in tow. Why do I love it? Because S.F wokies did this to themselves. While I sit here in the Red state burbs and listen to the birds. No gunshots, no mass robberies, no violence just a good ole conservative peacefest. Enjoy the video folks!

San Francisco Neiman Marcus hit by shoplifters who fled with merchandise | Fox News


It’s ok, I’m pretty confident that no one in San Francisco wants to live wherever you do, either.

I’m sitting in blue state burbs enjoying same thing as you.

So maybe it’s not red vs blue?

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It’s no secret that the most violent places in the country have been under democratic control for decades. Take what you will from that.

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But I am within walking distance of a Walgreens. Which is in no danger of closing. And my wife can walk there at midnight if she choses. As I said. I have no issue with libs robbing and mugging each other.

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So is pretty much every person in San Francisco.

As can pretty much every person in San Francisco.

You have 17 fewer to choose from. I’m guessing that number may increase.

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I don’t think anyone is worried. There are still 70 or so other Walgreens to go to - plus another 30 or so CVSs and Rite Aids.

San Francisco is a geographically small city.

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What did they do that caused this?

What have they done to fix it?

You said they did this to themselves. I was asking what they did in order for that to happen.

That’s a ■■■■ load of robbing and pilfering to squeeze into such a small spot.

Thieves are allowed to steal nearly 1000 dollars worth of merchandise and it’s still a misdemeanor. They can steal 1000 bucks worth every day with little or no consequence. The city has not made fixing this a prioroty. They pretty much don’t bother to arrest shoplifters. They’re too busy feeling guilty over their “privilege.”

I have more examples if you need them.


That’s not in your video.

Shoplifting happened. Why is this a thread even?

Where is this idyllic republican shangri-la everyone lives in anyway?

Because the video is amusing. It’s more fun than videos of people in liberal neighborhoods gunning each other down. Right?

Live where you choose. If you want to live in a democratic controlled combat zone then do it. If you want to live in one of the most peaceful places on Earth, you could try my neighborhood. If you can afford it.

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Why is it amusing to you?

Feels sorta like guys commenting on unattainable women online then you take a look at their wives and oof.

Well now you have to tell us.

Why do you ask? Is it important that you know? Would that do anything to solve S.Fs goon problem? Seems like you’re taking your eye off the ball here.

(BTW. I already answered this :slightly_smiling_face:)

The ball is immediately placed into the hands of anyone who humble brags on an internet forum that they live in the most peaceful place on earth and that we aren’t rich enough to afford it.