Shootings not mentioned

Sorry 1,500 shot. I can’t find how many of those have died.

my bad

I’d welcome it, if I thought for a second it was actually sincere. But you guys only talk about Chicago because it’s where Obama’s from.


Ya but we didnt have a black president from NYC


They did not close the hospital. They bypassed the ER. They sent less critical cases to other ERs so they could deal with more serious issues. It was not an issue of lack of blood.

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Gun control in Chicago.

From your link

For $1,000 and an ankle bracelet you can walk out of jail after being arrested with military-grade assault weapons complete with armor-piercing bullets," Johnson said. “I can say that because we saw that yesterday.” He added that the point is that people carry illegal guns “because there are no consequences.”

This is a huge part of the problem.

I don’t think that’s true at all. People talk about shootings in Chicago because there are a lot of shootings in Chicago.



Armor piercing

Dog whistles.

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In Chicago, the superintendent of police is not wrong. You can call it dog whistles all you want. It doesn’t change what he says.

They talk about it because of the number of innocent people killed sleeping in their beds, the number of kids getting shot and getting killed.


48 separate shootings from 6 pm Friday to 6 am Monday. That’s about a weekly occurrence. Yet 7 people we’re killed.

Yes he is wrong. “Military-grade” is a marketing ploy. There’s no such thing.

What is he calling “armor piercing”? Does it carry uranium?

With military grade armor piercing weapons and ammo? How is that possible?

Not even going to argue semantics with you. The point is the have a huge problem in Chicago. That’s what Johnson is trying to convince people of.

Lol Chicago land of the gun free zones and we need to be quiet about it. How dare we show that gun free zones dont work

Go bait someone else. You have his full quote. He is not saying all 48 shootings we’re with military grade…and armor piercing bullets.

You can be arrested with these and be out on the streets in a week or less. If you can’t understand his quote I have nothing more to add.


It’s not semantics. It’s dog whistle. I wish you luck with your problem. Let me know what I can say to help.

Doesn’t Chicago have an actual Gun Court that’s a separate thing? I think I read that once.

The Texas massacre prove more guns don’t do jack ■■■■

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Again only reason people spotlight Chicago was for Obama… Sheeple

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