Shooting at Mall (outside Macy’s) Leaves 2 Injured (PA)

“Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our shoppers and employees. We are grateful for the swift response to this incident by our security team and the Whitehall Police Department. As this is a police matter, all further inquiries should be directed to the Whitehall Police Department,” said the mall in a statement."

This is one of 63 gun incidents yesterday. Sounds like it started in Macy’s then moved to the parking lot.

So what? What are the gun laws in that area? What happened?

This is town is part of a metropolitan area with 820,000 people. It is a white suburb with a very low violent crime rate, next to a large city. So what’s your point? Crime travels? It can happen to anybody?

The quote was a say nothing stock statement.

This is a poor effort. Most of us already know there is crime in Pennsylvania.

Sounds like a gunfight to me, not so much a “mall shooting” or a mass shooting.

What precisely makes this anything other than a local story?