Shooting at Los Angeles high school

Another high school shooting. Six people have been shot, one has died, and two are in critical condition. The suspect is in custody.

The suspect is 15 years old. 15. The youngest I can remember off the top of my head. And they just threw their life and at least one other life in the trash. What a tragedy.

How does a child get access to a high powered rifle?

A number of ways. Black market. Irresponsible gun salesman. Irresponsible parents. Friend who obtained it from the black market or one of the people I stated. Regardless, the child is the one who should be charged, as it was them who committed the act.

I would love to sit in on their interrogations, to find out why these people do these things. Could they have been bullied? Did they have anger issues? I wish they released the statements to the public, so we know where the problems are, and what their motivations are, sociologically speaking.

We need more “Good” people with guns…or something depending on what talking points the NRA E Mail out to their flock


I bought my 760 Gamemaster 06 with co-signer at age 14…and 870 12 gauge shotgun.

Both by Remington, both are pumps.

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Yeah. I mean, CA tightened its gun control laws and this still happened. If staff and faculty were armed, maybe the gunman would have thought twice about shooting up the school. It’s like playing Russian roulette in that case. What do you suggest that we do to stop this from happening in the future? Because gun laws obviously didn’t work.

Hence irresponsible parent/guardian, and irresponsible gun salesman :slight_smile:

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it looks like it may have been a targeted attack. my guess is bullying and irresponsible parents.

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I’m in class, and need to take a quiz, but I’ll be back later (I didn’t abandon the thread)

I agree, bullying and irresponsibility plays a large role in anger issues and facilitating the means for the shooting. Parents are letting their kids run free or mistreating them, and add that will bullying, it precipitates trauma and anger issues. Then they use that anger and if the parent provides the gun, then that’s a recipe for disaster.

This happened about 20miles from where I live. I was driving to work and saw at least 30 law enforcement vehicles. Swat, bomb squad, paramedics etc. crazy scene.

BTW that city has one of the lowest crime rates in California.


Won’t prevent school shootings - it’s not like these folks expect to “get away” with it. Might reduce the number of casualties at the end - or might not - but will not prevent the attacks from happening.

Wow Guns are quite prevalent. He will be out in 5 years

They dont think past their actions. Getting caught is not part of the equation of retribution. Or theft or violence. Only taxes.

I don’t think this is accurate.

Nope, not the youngest unfortunately.

Unfortunately at least one of the victims has since died.

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Where did you get “high powered rifle”?

That’s what’s being reported.

“High Powered Rifle”, a meaningless fabricated term taken right from Hollywood.

We don’t even know what kind of weapon or weapons were used here.