Shooter reported at Texas high school

How does tweeting “Early reports not looking good.” Help in any way? Shut your trap. And by reports he means the Fox News he’s watching.

We can’t let it be like that. This can’t be allowed to become the normal. Again…I am a firm believer and supporter of the 2nd amendment. But I also have a great deal of skin in the game…my wife. Something has to be done. compromises have to be figured out. I want to be able to own my gun…but I know that it won’t fall into the wrong hands, or at least that I have done everything I can to safeguard it from doing so. We can make America safer…and it doesn’t have to affect gun ownership one bit.

there is no solution. if it’s not a school it will be some other place that our loved ones frequent.

even the flow of this thread is predictable. the “arm everybody” crowd always waits a bit before posting to “arm everybody” and how the problem is not enough guns. so, just send your wife EVERYWHERE with a gun.

All the “good guys” with guns were at an NRA convention at the time.

You are saying this in a forum where people changed their avatars to NRA badges in response to the FLA school shooting.

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By that logic people could think you are a proponent of blowing ■■■■ up right? TNT? LOL…i know what you mean…I just couldn’t help but be ironic with this one.

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I’ll echo what NS said, “This Is America…”

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If you are serious about wanting to do something about this, I suggest:

  • Stop with the polite 'I’m for the 2nd Amendment, but…stuff. The people on the other side of this argument aren’t politely saying ‘I’m for kids not getting murdered in school…’ They are one minded, and hyper focused on preventing any legislative restrictions on guns. You are not going to get extra points for sounding rational and balanced.
  • Vote for anyone who seriously wants to legislatively reverse Citizens United.
  • Support anyone who talks seriously about a amendment to the constitution to alter the 2nd. A
  • If you are member of the NRA, quit.
  • Support anyone who gets a low grade from the NRA.

Those are my initials.

Thankfully, the gun is in custody. Maybe we can ask it why it chose to commit this atrocity.

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Or we can ask ourselves why the ■■■■ we make guns so readily available.

I bet those dead kids are really happy they lived (for a brief time) in a country with strong gun rights.

That’s just not much of a solution as she isn’t against guns or gun ownership…she just doesn’t like the noise…it kind of scares her. Her biggest weapon is that she has learned to think crisis, and runs through scenario’s in her head so she is prepared to act.

So now they have found explosive devices on and off campus.

If you are serious about wanting to help make your wife, and the rest of america safer, you are going to have to stand up and be counted.

Denounce citizens united. Denounce the NRA. Vote against their candidates. Vote for gun restricting candidates.

That’s what it is going to take. Talking about it, being rational, trying to come together hasn’t and won’t work.

Huh…I never knew that. I always assumed, because you know it is more fun, that the moniker was derived from your cogent ability to blow people up in debate. I like my take better. Initials…boo. :sunglasses:

They are not any more readily availible than they were 40 years ago.

What else changed?

My guess is it’s the way your side has insisted children have to be raised.

Not instilling discipline and respect in kids and letting them run wild is a new thing. But no… that can’t be it.

It must be the access to inanimate objects that are statistically in less households than befor… Bingo! That’s the problem!

Lib logic at its finest.


Nope - not that creative. Just my initials.

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I’m still sticking with my beliefs. Can’t change me on this one brother. I’m going full Cratic.


Really???check Lulubee…who just advocated for kids to get murdered…I get what you are saying…but I can’t make any point on this ■■■■■■■ forum without someone calling me a liberal, or calling me against the second amendment. I have the right to support the second amendment, and still talk about there being ways to keep this stuff from happening. I’m not some nut sac who is all when they can pry it from my cold dead hands…but I am also not some whack job saying I hope some gun nutters kids get murdered either. I am for anyone who wants to address this issue by not going to either extreme. We can be made safer and we don’t have to give up rights. Maybe you don’t see it that way…but I do…and statements like Lulubee’s don’t help one bit. It’s just pure hate.