SHOCKING VIDEO: Border Agents Release New Footage of ‘111 Migrants’ Crossing US-Mexico Border | Sean Hannity

Immigration Agents released stunning new footage Tuesday that shows over 100 ‘Central American migrants’ illegally crossing into Arizona; raising new questions over safety and security along the United States’ southern border with Mexico.

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For any of the illegals showing up in the Yuma sector, why doesn’t CBP just take them across the I-8 bridge over the Colorado River and give them to California? They should be welcomed there with open arms.

The President needs to deploy troops south of the border with the mission to prevent illegal border crossings. Troops on the north side, no matter how many, only enhance our ability to process those that have crossed . . . and probably requested asylum.

Why isn’t there EVER any mention of sending these Illegal Aliens BACK where they came from?
I don’t care how much the paid some crook to get them here!
This situation is untenable!