Shocking Undercover Video Exposes Communists Inside Government: “I Break Rules Every Day”

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[dropcap]Project[/dropcap] Veritas and founder, James O’Keefe have released a third video this week, showing yet another federal worker discussing how they use their taxpayer funded jobs to further the agenda of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and slow roll President Trump’s agenda.

The undercover report features Government Accountability Office (GAO) auditor and self-proclaimed Communist, Natarajan Subramanian.

The video shows Subramanian discussing a number of concerning tactics and practices he uses to slow down President Trump’s agenda and reveals that a “fair number” of Democratic Socialists work for the federal government.

“If you’re in [an] executive branch agency you can slow ball things to a degree, that it’s like ineffective, and maybe you get in trouble, or maybe you get fired or resign or whatever, but you slowed [Trump’s agenda] down for a certain period of time,” he told an undercover Project Veritas journalist.

[dropcap]This[/dropcap] is not the first time Project Veritas has exposed a federal employee discussing how they do their part to slow down President Trump’s agenda. In a video released Wednesday, DOJ paralegal Allison Hrabar said, “We have a member who works for the people who distribute food stamps, and they can like take that away, and they’re slowing what they do,” she said. “I wait until, I have to submit a merger form on the 30th day, by the 30th. I’m supposed to do it at 5, sometimes I do it at like ten to 5.”


When asked to clarify her comments, Hrabar said, “It just means that they can’t start doing anything so it’s very small, mine is just affecting a company’s profit. But that means, what they’re doing, means that people are going to be able to stay on food stamps for another month or two, which is like really important.”

Subramanian also discussed how many DSA members are also federal employees, telling the undercover journalist, “…a fair number of DSA employees are federal DSA people are federal employees… you see people from various agencies, usually executive branch.”

The avowed Communist also addressed the fact that he uses his taxpayer-funded job to do work on his phone for the Democratic Socialists. When asked if he was “OK” with the fact that some of his coworkers know about his affiliation with DSA, Subramanian responds, “Oh yeah, they’re actually like big fans…”

The government auditor also openly admits his activism could force him to lose his job, saying, “I break rules every day… at any point I can get fired.”

The GAO has responded to the Project Veritas video with the following statement: “We are aware of the video and investigating the serious issues it raises, and we have also communicated with the GAO Inspector General.”

Irony isn’t it? Government bureaucrats making/creating rules and laws in which they don’t follow themselves.

Which explains why they…meaning libs believe laws/rules done apply to them because they created those laws/rules for OTHERS.

Uh, those laws they’re talking about only apply government bureaucrats.

You seem confused.