SHOCKER: NY TIMES blames NORTH KOREA FAMINE on President Trump | Sean Hannity

The left-leaning New York Times bizarrely claimed this week that the decades-long famine plaguing North Korea is not the fault of its brutal communist regime, but most likely due to American interference and foreign policy, saying the “hunger is devastating. And it’s our fault.”

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In the OPINION piece in the New York Times the writer, Kee Park does not solely blame Donald Trump for the “decades long famine”. The “our” in “it 's our fault” is, if one actually reads the NYT article, is a collective of nations arrayed against North Korea, with the United States at the top of that list.

The OP writer did not forget to mention the leadership of North Korea and their contributions to conditions there.

At no point did the OP writer single out Donald Trump for sole blame for the decades of famine there.

That claim is not at all supported by the facts.

The OP writer is a surgeon, with the experience of 16 trips to North Korea over 10 years and is speaking from what they saw of conditions there and what they learned first hand from the ordinary North Korean citizen.

Hasn’t a large segment of the Right always screamed for tougher sanctions on North Korea?

Didn’t some of those same voices lament that President Obama was weak on North Korea?

Then those same voices brag about President Trump getting tough?

Now it seems some are trying to disavow themselves from the dire consequences to the North Korean populace of the tough treatment?

Oh well.