She's lost her mind. Nancy wants to give 300 million to foreign nationals

With American’s suffering Nancy wants to take a huge sum of their own cash away from them and give it to foreign nationals. They lady has lost her mind.

Perhaps she is throwing garbage in there so she can “compromise” by giving it up?

Lol, I love how all of you peeps are so distracted by a bill that was only introduced in committee, has zero chance of making it to the floor and the CARES act will likely be passed by unanimous consent in the House once negotiations are finished and it passes the senate.

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This witch has lost her soul, she’s a horrid creature, a disgrace to the human race and those are the nicest things I can say about her. :grimacing:


We’ll see if she digs in her heels. Are you in favor of 300 million going to foreign nationals?

She won’t. She’ll pass the CARES Act by unanimous consent once negotiations are done and it passes the senate.

Wait? Are you saying she has a soul? One that isn’t owned by Beelzebub?

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I’m asking your opinion.

Are you in favor of 300 million going to foreign nationals?

So she just proposed another bill for what reason? Kicks and grins?

"for necessary expenses to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus.”
Trump says that this is a “all hands on deck” deal.
If this money will prevent Americans from getting sick, isn’t it worth it?

Introduced 1/30/2020

The House was focused on epidemic.

Because she wants to help migrants and refugees?

And you call her a disgrace to the human race.

Having said that, I see that it is true that she’s piling stuff in there not related to the coronavirus epidemic.

Shame on her for that.

Pelosi’s coronavirus bill is 1,119 pages and contains provisions including, “conducting risk-limiting audits of results of elections,” bailing out the postal service, requiring early voting, same-day voter registration, requiring the airlines to fully offset their carbon emissions, gives you chance to look up greenhouse gas emissions from the flights you want to take, and much more that have nothing to do with helping solve the crisis at hand.

The bill provides funding for medical care for people who are either here legally or are here because American businesses hire them. Those people are as liable to become carriers of coronavirus as anyone else.

Would you prefer we allow millions of coronavirus carriers to spread the disease? Spending this money is protecting all of us.

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I am! 1 Dollar per American to help out some refugees doesn’t really rankle me.

That’s what appears to be .012% of the total value. So 99.988% of it remains.

This is not news.

No, but it is stupid.

No. If it doesn’t stop job losses, foreclosures or company shut downs it has no business in this bill. Every penny needs to be devoted to the American worker in one way or another.

A lot of people that this money would affect are workers.

What is stupid?