Sheriff refuses Judges order

Right decision by the Sheriff. Wonder if there will be blow back.


Uh oh. This could get interesting. Judges don’t like that.


I agree with sheriff if there are murderers and pedophiles. for non violent crimes, that maybe an exception.

This brings up a bigger question, I heard discussed here in Chicago today. Inmates getting vaccines before people who have higher risks…because of the uncontrolled spread inside prisons.

Not sure I like that idea. If convicted and incarcerated, don’t you forfeit some of your natural rights because of the crimes you committed?

I would be in favor of putting letting prisoners be vaccinated ahead of the general population if it keeps rapists, pedophiles, murders, MS-13 and others who liberals want released in prison.


Pretty easy to get them vaccinated quickly too.

Move them up the priority chart…not back on the streets NOW.

The judge must be some kind of crazy.

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Great point.

Thank you. :+1:

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Libs gone wild…

That’s all I can say.


“Everybody in the community is at risk of COVID right now,” Barnes said in response to the judge,

Good point.

Right now they have zero cases according to Sheriff.

“He got a lot of his facts incorrect,” Barnes told co-host Ainsley Earhardt. “We have been testing inmates. We have been so far ahead of the curve when it came to best practices within our jails. We mitigated our COVID crisis from 220 in March to zero as of last Monday.”


More like Sheriff gone wild.

So in the future if a Sheriff doesn’t like a judges order, he can just ignore it? Suppose a Judge orders a prisoner released, but the Sheriff just “happens to have a feeling” the guy is guilty, he can say, nope not releasing him. Kind of a slippery slope isn’t it?

Can’t pick and choose which judicial orders to decide to follow.

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Do I even have to look to see if this guy is one of those Constitutionalist Sheriff wingnuts? It’s Orange County so I’m gonna go out on a short limb and say probably.

Sheriffs are in charge of jails, not prisons.

The inmates under his supervision have not actually been convicted of anything.


Yeah, I’m not 100% supportive of the judge’s decision here but the slippery slope of Sheriff’s ignoring court orders? That is dangerous.

Me neither…But can’t pick and choose which orders to follow.

Yes he can.

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What does that mean? “Constitutionalist Sheriff Wingnut”?

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You’re ok with that? So since the Sheriff is now law enforcement and judge. I guess no reason to even have trials anymore.