SHE’S BACK: Hillary Urges Liberal ‘RESOLVE’ Against Trump, Says ‘Children’s Lives at Risk’ | Sean Hannity

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton refused to condemn liberal calls for the harassment of Trump administration officials this week; saying Democrats need “strength” to defeat the President’s agenda and warning that “children’s lives are at risk.”

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kills babies and quotes the bible??? this loser needs to get a life. the liberals are going to see massive BAD THINGS HAPPEN because of their agenda–it is pro nazi with soras a real nazi behind it.

In my local community, the media are doing articles on the shortage of people to fill jobs in the transportation industry. It’s largely thanks to people like Hillary and her support for Planned Parenthood that we have such a problem.

Seriously? ‘Do it for the children.’

Hillary and Bill’s trust took in hundreds of millions of dollars and only 15% actually went to help people the other 85% was used for traveling and expenses. She could have saved many of lives if she and her husband would have reversed the above figure and gave 85% to help people and used 15% for traveling and expenses. Trump had a trust and gave 100% to the people and 0 expenses.

That’s not true.

Also. Trump’s foundation admits to self dealing.

Yes it is true… They took in millions for Haiti and it’s still a hell hole…

There’s been 13 billion dollars in aid money to Haiti since the 2010 earthquake. Yet you would blame Clinton for not fixing Haiti with a few million?