She just didn't like him

She didn’t like him, so she and 4 of her friends accused him of sexual assault to get him kicked out of school.


I’m sorry how is this Politics? It kinda silly to even think one side or other of political spectrum would condone this sort of thing.

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Really? What’s political about it?

Women and girls don’t just come out and make accusations. It’s too scary!

So brave! That has been the mantra for weeks.

You bet your butt it’s political.

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They made a movie Mean Girls. I think it had that one girl in it

Seriously, why is it in Politics?

This is an Outside the Beltway story.

So dangerous being a white male these days

Ya trumpists you run with that. Women are liars

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Yeah. That’s about what I expected from you.

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Well done. You’re really doing a good job of making sure all harassment accusers will be painted as lying whores. Your party will reward you greatly.
Party of women my ass.


The mirror is painful I’m sure

How many actual sexual assaults are there for each of these false (AND FOUND TO BE FALSE) claims?

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Don’t care to address the topic?

Anyone here want to address how brave these girls are to come forward? You guys spent weeks telling us that it’s too scary.

All they need is one. And they’ll sell it non-stop until such a time as some conservative woman makes a harassment claim against a lib. Then suddenly they’ll actually give a ■■■■ about a victim.

Yeah, I saw it. Cute voice. Gross navel lint.

I’ve actually been raped, you?

Nope. Thanks for asking.

Do you care to have a grown up discussion about presumption of guilt and evidentiary standards?

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