Sharyl Attkisson / Keith Ellison

I was really surprised not to see this posted. Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson did an interfiew with the ex-girlfriend (Karen Monahan) of Keith Ellison. After watching the interview, I came away with such a sense of hypocrisy for the Democratic Party Leadership. If the republicans make her comments into commercials, I think it will really hurt them. They pushed so hard againt Kavanaugh over uncorroborated events over 30 years ago. This lady has all the evidence and they smear her. It looks pretty bad for Ellison.

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It will be very interesting to witness if the left addresses this allegation that has evidence, with the same indignant, self-righteous, moral high ground they displayed concerning Ford’s unfounded allegations against Kavanaugh or…if they’re just common hypocrites?

If Monahan produces the video that she says that she has, Ellison would be hung out to dry in a heartbeat.

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Libs are disgusting. He assaulted her on her bed.
I guess Ellison had been reading Bernie Sanders’ paper that said said women fantasize about being raped.

What if she doesn’t? I am just speculating, but it is possible that she wasnt fully clothed. If thiat is the case, I wouldnt want the tape released if I were her.

Do you think her medical records, texts, and statement that has been released should be enough to keep him from being the AG in Missouri?

There sure is a lot more corroboration than what was produced with Kavanaugh. Why should Ford be believed, and Kavanaugh be kept off the bench for something that allegedly happened over 30 years ago, but Ellison given a pass?

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Now you require actual evidence?


Look at all the people that have viewed this thread but…have no comment. I wonder why?

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If you are referring to Kavenaugh I said over and over that it was an allegation that could never be proven

In that thread I was arguing how the GOP should handle it which was to have a quick FBI investigation to provide political cover.

Guess what happened a week later.

Ellison requested an investigation. Do it.

The video is supposedly of Ellison abusing Monahan’s Mother.

And I have to say, I couldn’t give a crap if Ellison is ejected or not. I don’t care for the guy really.

I do find it funny that the person making the accusations in this case claims to have slam dunk evidence, but won’t let anyone see it. So really, like with Franken, this could have been over real quick.

Why? The accuser is a woman…do you now not automatically believe her? What’s different?

Ellison requested an investigation. Kavenaugh did not. Wonder why that is?

:rofl: I’m having a ball.

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Where are you getting that? I never heard anything about Monahan’s mother…unless you are referring to Monahans son who they said actually has the video of what Ellison did to HIS Mother.

I was referring to the 1.37 part of the footage.

I thought we were supposed to believe the victim.
After all, why would any woman come forward with this if it weren’t true? We should be celebrating and honoring her courage.
99% (or some such made up figure) of people who claim they were attacked actually were attacked. Proof enough.

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I do believe the victim. It is probable that they had a contentious relationship and it is possible that it rose to the level of abuse.

I think it should be investigated and if found guilty Ellison should be sent to the political wilderness.

Monahan says she has a video that would prove her claim to be true.

This could be over today if she released it.

Don’t you agree?

Done by a democratic group in Minnesota. A Democrat group can’t substantiate claims against a democrat. Who saw that coming?

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Or, as previously said, now you require actual evidence?
But yes, seek out corroboration and present actual evidence.

(I don’t recall your actual stance on Kavanaugh but there were a significant number in this forum and elsewhere who just took her word for it.)

You are correct. I misread. My apologies.

The issue still stands. If there is a video, she could show it to the authorities or to a news organization and Ellison would lose most support.

If you are referring to Kavenaugh, I made my opinion known many many times in that thread and once in this one.

I guess I have to do it twice.

The allegations of Ford towards Kavenaugh would likely never be proven. I argued that the GOP should call for a quick FBI investigation to provide political cover.

That is what happened less than a week later.

The only point where I had my doubts about Kavenaugh being made a Supreme Court Justice was the short period between Ford’s very compelling testimony and the GOP abandoning having a surrogate question Kavenaugh for them and went on the attack.

So please stop with this “Now you require evidence” BS because that is not what I am arguing.