Shapiro’s Latest Column... the Silver Rule

Great article by Ben Shapiro…words to live by.

“Here’s what is unreasonable: using government compulsion to reinforce your position. Here’s what else is unreasonable: harassing people on someone else’s property for their beliefs, as a crowd did to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. Unfortunately, the unreasonable answers to reasonable questions are becoming more and more common, with demagogues like Representative Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) openly encouraging mobs to descend on those who disagree at gas stations and restaurants.”

Double facepalm.

Well that’s a deep reply for this morning.

Krisjen Nielsen doesn’t own the sidewalk and you can protest as much as you want on it.

Just ask the people protesting in front of Planned Parenthood for the last 30 years.

What’s there to say? Ben Shapiro should stick to calling Marvel movies racist and assailing the feminazis in a Star Wars.


She wasn’t on the street but whatever.

Protesting vs harassment. Learn the difference is my advice for the day.

I agree only to the extent that those who want to oppose Trump should find more civil ways to do it. Yes, a sidewalk in front of a home is typically public property, but it’s wrong to go to someone’s home and protest. It’s wrong to shout at them at a restaurant or movie theater. Yes, they are ■■■■■■■ with other people’s lives or strongly supporting such policies, but we should find better ways to protest it.

Continue with the public events and marches, as long as you are not blocking traffic. Be civil.

If that can happen, then Donny and the MAGA trolls will be the only ones looking like rude ■■■■■■■■.


And there you have.

Great post.

See? Talk long enough you eventually find common ground.

It would be nice if Mr Shapiro acknowledged that in his column. Wha with the silver rule and all. Instead he berates. How nice to be on such beautiful and high horse

Protesting in front of Kristjen Nielsen’s house on public property.

Harassment is screaming at women walking into Planned Parenthood. Wouldn’t you agree? Where was Shapiro and the silver rule for the last few decades?

You’re comparing a public venue/business to a private residence? You don’t see the difference?

MAGA 2016: **** Your Feelings
MAGA 2018: Why is everyone so uncivil?


Acknowledge what?

No. MAGA 2016 was a direct response to wacko leftist lunatics burning down our cities and pulling these kinds of stunts.

But remain tone deaf during your perpetual pity party/ tantrum. It will guarantee a Trump 2020.

The sidewalk is public property.

At least they know who they are protesting and why. The local idiots here just scream at anyone walking into Planned Parenthood without knowing who they are or anything about them.

Okay. Don’t cry foul when someone on your side gets hurt - I will be waiting your cheers when someone on our side does.

Projection is a bitch.

Are you trying to justify violence against protestors?

I’ll decry any violence on any side.

“Burning down our cities”?


That the left is severely divided on this particular subject and that many democrats including pelosi and axel rod are denouncing the behavior

Oh i know why he doesn’t and why he pontificates form his high horse because Republicans have a history of successfully demonizing the left as loons and riding the wave of public backlash to elective victory.

You took a political article with which you wholeheartedly agree and ran with it without understanding its purpose or its context