SHAMELESS: WaPo Article Says ‘Chasing White House’ Staffers is ‘the Right Thing to Do’

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The Washington Post raised eyebrows throughout the nation’s capital Tuesday, publishing an article that states “chasing White House” officials was the “right thing to do” in light of the administration’s recent actions on immigration and other issues.

The article, appropriately titled “Chasing White House officials out of restaurants is the right thing to do” went on to say that “civility is a luxury for pundits” while “children in diapers have been seized from their parents.”

“Children, some still in diapers, have been seized from their parents by the government and locked in cages, with no clear way to reunite them with their families afterward. That situation might seem more urgent, in itself, than the question of how people chose to react to the government seizing children and locking them in cages. Yet here we are, caught up in this fuss over — manners? Civility?” writes the author.

“What happened at the Red Hen in Lexington, Va., was not a contest between political parties, or between designated proxies of political parties. It was a private citizen telling a presidential administration official to go away, out of disgust with the fact that the administration is seizing children from their parents and locking them in cages,” he adds.

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This is in the perspective section, which is basically oped.