SHAMELESS: Democrat Says Strzok Should Receive PURPLE HEART for Anti-Trump Texts | Sean Hannity

Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen found himself in hot-water Thursday among America’s brave service men and women; bizarrely saying anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok deserves a Purple Heart over his escalating scandal.

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Remember when Trump was given a Purple Heart and said he’d always wanted one of these like it was NBD?

Selective poutrage from Trumpsters. As usual.

My father fought for this country on both the Pacific and Atlantic war fronts. My beloved son lost an arm and both eyes and Iraq. Mr. Cohen, you want to give this adulterous man a Purple Heart? Really?

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Thanks to the feckless leadership of chairperson Goodlate I’m thinking felon Struck came away thinking he did pretty good. Goodlate let the dems mop the floor with his carcass. Just no way to get around this. The dems ran the meeting.

Goodlate to the out of order dems over and over… Shut up! Shut up! Ok…Go ahead and talk.


Having said that the dems won the battle… they lost the war. They fouled their own nest. If the opinion of those of us who care matters, congress’s rating went down even further to negative 57 after the Struck Dog & Pony Show…thanks to the purple heart handing out killer klown kamikaze dems.

Why did NO ONE ask: 1) Exactly what “crime” is Robert Mueller investigating?, 2) Why is it that the FBI is only concerned about “Russian” interference? 3) Why not concerned about foreign interference by a British national, C, Steele (sp?) providing op research from Russian sources? 4) Foreign Illegal Alien Invaders voting in our elections?