SHAMELESS: Democrat Says Strzok Should Receive PURPLE HEART for Anti-Trump Texts | Sean Hannity

Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen found himself in hot-water Thursday among America’s brave service men and women; bizarrely saying anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok deserves a Purple Heart over his escalating scandal.

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Apparently, Mr. Cohen was never in the military and has no conception what the Purple Heart stands for.
He’s just another Kleptocrat (he knows how to spend YOUR money or CRUMBS better than you do.
It’s sure interesting that Mr. Cohen will defend someone who denies what he’s written, or what proven actions he’s taken, or ignored the sanctity of marriage.

A stupid thing to say. Much like everything the Republicans said or tried to say at that alleged “hearing” aka Republican attempted witch hunt with attempted verbal lynching of Peter Stzrok.

The only thing escalating over Stzrok is the freakingly idiotic attempts by the kiss-Donald’s-ass Republicans to sew so many silk purses out of so few sows ears.

Just goes to show us. A congressional leader wanting to give an award. Which has zero warrant. Secondly, insulting the military who get wounded in the line of service. This dirt bag lost his job for bias. He deserves what?