SF soldier submits to waterboarding to prove a point


What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that CIA, CoJ and FBI abused their position and spoil your left-wing narrative?

And finally you don’t get to decide where the goalpost is located at…lib.


Do us all a favor. Have one of your smarter friends explain this to you.


Maybe you shouldn’t have even a dumber one then yourself explain it for you.


I didn’t need anyone to explain it to me. Really, go ask a smarter friend. They’ll set you straight. Well, for 5 minutes maybe.


You bore me.


Just admit you are wrong.


Just don’t accidentally fall in swimming pool and bump your head with only leftist snowflakes around. They would melt.


This is why cons should not attempt humor.


:rofl: :grin:


Ok but that WAS funny, just for all the wrong reasons.


Name one that didn’t.


Not true. The Germans did it too.


We did. There weren’t that many.


Now that’s funny. :rofl: If you truly want to torture some one you could put them in a cell and pipe in the late Porter Waggoner singing the “Carroll County Accident” to them 24/7.

SC would probably call it cruel and inhumane though.:wink:


We treated their prisoners like they treated us in Bataan in 1942?


The Good Lord was talking about Jerusalem, so not so much.

JFK used it before Reagan.

The US is a really good place to live, Texas even more so, but I don’t seek Utopia in this world.


Power is power.


We shot a lot of them where they kneeled.


It wasn’t SOP.

I will never agree to state sanctioned torture by this country.


Others did it too? That’s the defense?