SF soldier submits to waterboarding to prove a point


Would you be okay with the U.S government torturing you?


You’re so sweet. I guess I’m just not as sweet as you…sorry.


What crime have I committed or planned? How have I shown intent to harm our country or it’s citizens? If it were to be used on people that ask stupid questions though, you might very well be a candidate?


idk that is up to the government.
your giving them the power to torture you if they choose.


I believe in checks and balances and have made my position very clear. Try reading prior to posting.


Let’s have people here volunteer to be either waterboarded (from noon to 1 each day) or submit to Chinese water torture (from noon to 3 each day) until further notice.

Who is up for it?


Permanent harm is not mentioned in any definition I could find.


You sure they didn’t?


And you are entitled to your opinion.


It used to be. Somethings probably changed.


Look, just make a video of yourself (those of you in favor of any of the water tortures) for, say, a year and post it on YouTube. It will help promote your cause of having the US use the water tortures.


I’ll have the 40 members of my extended family do it. They’re all racists.


No torture was being married to my ex wife. I’d rather be waterboarded then spend another minute with her.


Isn’t it great that a life can be so pleasant, so secure and safe that one can’t even imagine a time when waterboarding should be used to protect the masses? It must be great being you?


Now think about your process of making very important decisions, like whether or not to ever use waterboarding if a terrible situation ever threatens our nation and then consider your important decision making success rate? Don’t worry, be happy, I’ve got your back my fellow American.:sunglasses:


Many people keep saying that the water tortures aren’t tortures so submitting to them during lunch for a year shouldn’t be a big deal. Do you agree?


If I did, I wouldn’t expect the results I believe will take place and would consider it a waste of time. I don’t think that. I believe it’s as humane as a country can be but achieve the results they must have to protect their country from some grave evil.


No. 10 char.


Dude. Just do it for a year. It’s no big deal.


Why not?