SF soldier submits to waterboarding to prove a point




same as the battlefield for drug if your resisting or in conflict with military they can use force once you surrender your given rights and thrown in jail.


I just wanted to read this again. I’m going to heart it.


You are all wet with this post also.


It is torture which is why is is banned from the United states to use by congress.

The Untied States doesnt torture people like other nations.

"One victim, Cpt. William Arno Bluehe, testified: “After beating me for a while they would lash me to a stretcher, then prop me up against a table with my head down. They would then pour about two gallons of water from a pitcher into my nose and mouth until I lost consciousness. When I revived they would repeat the beatings and ‘water cure’ . . . . The tortures and beatings continued for about six hours.”

They just didnt do one waterboarding, they did several.

This person was waterboarded once.

Lets see how long the person lasts under multiple waterboardings betcha they would change their tune quickly oh about the third waterboarding.



He could also prove that Chinese water torture isn’t really torture. It’s just a drop of water.


I know for a fact we have been there for years.


Whatever floats your battleship.


Resounding rejoinder.


That post definitely floats the USS Hypocrisy.


I have to start work now. Have a great day Sneaky and WR. Sorry I can’t continue the conversation. We are at an impass anyway.

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Then what are you going on about?


we should move upwards not backwards.

since 9/11 we have gone for accepting the government can kill people without due process, to the government can kill its own citizen without due process.


Water boarding is Chinese water enhanced interrogation.

54 minutes until the next terrorist attack. Extended family.


Not much of a stretch.


the next stretch will be the government can torture its own citizen without due process, we are already halfway there.


There wasn’t due process at Gitmo?


You think the CIA got judicial approval to torture people?


Sometimes when a country is confronted with an evil entity that intends to commit serious violent and heinous acts against your country and it’s people, in the near future and time is of the essence, I would permit using these techniques as long as there was some sort of governing judicial system’s approval of it first.


It is a dog and pony side show which proves nothing and should be dismissed out of hand.