SF soldier submits to waterboarding to prove a point


Hardly. They were tried and put in prison. The general who didn’t do her job was busted.

It was a national guard unit run amok. Amateurs.


Are we only talking about murdering terrorist citizens without a trial or can we do it to domestic criminals?


You trust the CIA to play by the rules? didn’t they use to mind control drugs on American citizen without their permission.


You voted for it. Twice.


Doesn’t matter. Not all things are punished. If you see a roach in the open you can be assured there are several others that keep hidden.


I don’t trust anybody in Centgov.



I don’t agree with killing anyone without a trial outside of a battlefield, but if the defense to WB is what if we have someone who has info that could save lives why should it matter if that person is a terrorist or a member of the Ayran brotherhood.


This was.

Doesn’t matter? People commit crimes, they get punished.


Wrong again. Just because you vote for someone does not mean you agree with all the things hey do. This is something I really should not have to explain.


Then why are you giving them the ability to torture people.


Why should it?


Everyone has the ability.

I’m not giving anyone anything.


Unless it’s Trump.


It shouldn’t if your okay with the government torturing people, personal I don’t think we need to lower themselves to that level.


Define the battlefield for terrorism?


your confused with this post


How noble. What makes you think we haven’t been at there level for years?


Please try to be real. Trump is the anomaly of a century.


I’m not. Maybe you are.



Motivated reasoning 101.