SF soldier submits to waterboarding to prove a point


Unless he is waterboarded in the same exact manner as the “terrorist” was, and as many times as the “terrorist” was it isn’t a fair test.

Seriously though it is a stupid sideshow stunt that is totally irrelevant to the decision process to confirm Haspel.

If we had Congressional backbone and moral fortitude Haspel would never be confirmed. But I see no way that she will not be confirmed.


There was.


It absolutely happens. I guess you’ve erased Abu Ghraib from your memory banks.


the “What If” defense.


LOL, that was perversion, not torture. Who gave them the power to do that?


Do you think torture is useful tool?


Oh and amateurs.


I know it is. Any tool is useful in the right application.


Same thing could happen.

Bush administration…


Since it is all based on emotion and motivated reasoning, it’s hardly irrelevant.


how far would you take it?


Of course it could, and probably will.

No it didn’t.


Me personally?


Not the “tools” that are trying to make torture an American value.


Your the President, how far would you take it.


You are simply wrong.


Yes, those tools also.

Even extra-judicial murder of US citizens.


I didn’t agree with that. Wrong tree.


also are we only talking about waterboarding “Terrorist” or can the FBI do it to domestic criminals?


Slippery slope.