Several officers injured by suspect firing in ongoing shooting: Police

Oh I thought casualty was synonymous with fatality ?

I think hrs getting at is that casualties don’t require someone to die. Anyone injured is considered a casualty

Casualties, as I understand it, as used in the media and military, is dead and wounded.

You are correct, I will redact

If you’regoing To shoot 6 cops philly might not be the best choice to do it in. This is the city where the cops dropped a bomb on a house once (look up the move bombing in the 80’s)

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White nationalist

Neither of you are wrong in a way.

In the military a casualty is dead or wounded. For most of everyone else, casualty means dead.

Lucky, no life-threatening injuries

I’ve always seen “casualty” as killed OR wounded.

What I don’t get is the word. Nothing casual about either outcome.

From the Latin “happening by chance”

Kind of bad luck.

It is killed or wounded. The media usually uses “injured” because they’re idiots.

we are a very different culture now.
That was in 1985. Now they are trying to get the shooter to understand the officers are alive and they can work through this. Wow have we come along way.

he barricaded himself in the house for 7 hours and then surrendered after midnight. no one killed. all police have been released from the hospital.

Not exactly a happy ending. But once the situation started it sounds like this is the best possible outcome.

Link to what she said… Thanks

If those cops would stop eating so many Phily cheesesteaks and donuts they wouldn’t have got shot :rofl:


What I will do as president will stop things like this.

She will give congess 100 days to put a bill on her desk to fix this OR she will take executive action including ban importation of some weapons.

She needs to stay far, far, FAR away from the white house.

She’s in a tailspin

She was asked a question about this incident and her response was when will it end. There were more general follow-up questions that she responded to. Obviously, some posters may have posted without hearing what she said in the interview.

Man. That’s really controversial.

When will criminals stop criminaling and stuff.