Seven Billion People in the World, 330 Million Americans, And The Second Debate is Hosted By a Former biden Intern

Being patient doesn’t mean being milquetoast.

Seems like a fairly obvious conflict of interest, but if both campaigns agreed to it there’s not much for Trump to whine about - not that it will stop Twitter rants in the aftermath.

All I want to know is what are the debate commission’s rules about this.

Coincidence or not.

Either way I’m fine with it.

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Did you make all of that up on your own??

Persecution complexes are truly pathetic.

I’m gonna start a GoFundMe to get every republican a pair of big girl panties.


He was a mail room intern for Biden for less than two months 42 years ago.

That of course means he’s totally in the tank for Joe.

“Hey I sorted Joe’s junk mail! That means I’m a plant!”

Wear em high.

Why make stuff up??

Blaming the umpire before the game even starts? Not a good look.

Trump needs to make the moderator a non-issue. Very easy to do.

It’s an attempt to “increase the legend”.

“Look how well Trump does even though the deck is always stacked against him!”

Standard video comments warning.


His own words:

" I worked for Joe Biden, Senator from Delaware at the time, as an intern, so I had my first chance to really see politics up close in Washington,"

He got a real up close look from the mail room.


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Man that guy is such a Commie…

Scully is the host of Washington Journal, the C-SPAN call-in show.

If nothing else, he probably has the most experience handling demented old men screaming conspiracy theories at him than anyone else on television.


Where are you all getting this stuff??

Stop making things up.

Good one. Got several biases in there at once.

From the OP. From the hundreds of posts criticizing Wallace for the 1st debate.

Everyone knows what you’re doing by bringing up something that “doesn’t bother you”.

You’re not inscrutable.


It is.

Not from this OP.

Stop making stuff up.

No they don’t.

Yes I am.

I’ve repeated multiple times that it doesn’t bother me.

It’s my word.