SESSIONS UNDER FIRE: Trump SLAMS the AG Over Bruce Ohr, ‘Dirty Dossier’ | Sean Hannity

President Trump slammed Attorney General Jeff Sessions this week; unloading on his senior aide over Bruce Ohr’s continued employment at the Department of Justice after recent revelations surrounding his relationship with the ‘Dirty Dossier.’

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Simpson openly admits that he met with Veselnitskya before and after the Trump JR meeting, and Veselnitskya admits that they both work for previzon holdings who is owned by Putin friend Denis Katsyv. Veselnitskya said she never mentioned the Trump Tower meeting, but met with Simpson who was funding the Dossier and the meeting magically appears in the dossier, and Simpson cant recall whether Veselnitskya talked about the Trump Tower or not? OHH Mr. Simpson, you can recall, you just choose to stay silent.

Sessions has done nothing but talk. Sessions needs to take action and get rid of Ohr and others that are creating trouble.